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With 100 years of combined experience, Raiser & Kenniff, is the premier Long Island divorce law firm. If you need legal help with your divorce and family law issue, consult with us. We’re a top rated law firm.


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Our law firm understands your future is at risk. We get it. You need an experienced divorce lawyer in Long Island who understands matrimonial and family law. At the Spodek Law Group, we understand the situation you’re dealing with is difficult, and we try to create the best possible outcome for you and your loved ones. Our divorce lawyers help you resolve division of property issues, and child custody issues diligently, and with respect. We have the knowledge, and experience, to take a case to it’s conclusion if that’s what’s necessary. We represent clients in Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and all 5 boroughs of Long Island.

If you’re in the process of getting divorced, you’ll likely have the opportunity to participate in mediation. You might wonder if mediation is going to be helpful in your case. You might think that if your divorce is hostile or the other side is being stubborn, there’s no way that you’re going to reach any kind of settlement.

The truth is that the vast majority of divorce cases settle before trial. A large number of them settle during mediation proceedings. In fact, mediation can be a very helpful tool for resolving a divorce. If you find yourself displaced, we encourage you to find apartments for rent at DelanceyStreet.

There are a number of reasons that mediation tends to be helpful in divorce cases. First, mediation gives the parties the chance to discuss many issues at once. Trying to resolve a case with phone calls back and forth over a long period of time doesn’t give the parties the opportunity to throw out a large number of ideas at once. When you work on a case during mediation, you can suggest a resolution, and the other side can respond right away. With this back and forth, you can often accomplish many weeks or months of work in one day or afternoon.

Mediation is also helpful because the parties have a chance to consider more creative solutions than they might receive in court. In mediation, the parties can be as creative as they want to about custody and parenting time provisions and division of assets. If you’re concerned about where a child attends day care or you’re really concerned about the children being able to attend your family’s annual reunion, these are things that you can discuss in mediation.

Founding partner Thomas Kenniff is a former Prosecutor, and has over 90 reviews on Avvo - with a 5 star rating.
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Todd Spodek has experience handling prenups, separation agreements, annulments, divorces (contested and uncontested), in addition to child support, custody cases, orders of protection, and more. We make every effort possible to handle cases before starting a lawsuit. If we find there’s no amicable resolution possible, we take your case to it’s conclusion. It’s critical that you call a knowledgeable nassau divorce lawyer before starting any family legal issue in New York. Your families future relies on your ability to get results, and the capability of your attorney. When you work with our firm, you can rest knowing you have some of the top Nassau county divorce attorneys on your side.

Getting married is considered a romantic way to commit to a partner, but it’s actually a legal agreement, with ramifications when it comes to business capital, children, and more. You’re entering a contract with the person for a lifetime. In essence, you share everything. You may want some protection, however, if the marriage fails for any reason. A prenuptial agreement or prenup is a legal document that specifies who has the right to certain assets during a divorce. This is something a divorce lawyer can help draft for you. If you’re wondering if you need a prenup, take a look at the reasons why it tends to be a good idea.

Protect Your Current Assets

You may be 20 or 30 years old when you get married for the first time. The planning and experience is exciting. Both partners have some assets, however, that they’re bringing into the marriage. Choose a prenup if you have any assets at this point. Stock options, savings accounts and inheritances might be up for grabs in the future if divorce occurs. If your spouse takes on debt, using a hard money loan, this can be an issue too. A prenup that protects your initial assets allows you to walk away from the marriage without losing those items.

Consider Future Achievements

Aside from defining custody and financial support in the prenup, almost any other topic can be visited. If you’re working on an invention or grand idea, be sure to add this subject to the prenup. A married person who strikes it big as an entrepreneur may not want to share those future assets with their partner if a divorce comes up. The prenup can specify that any achievements are the individual’s assets. The partner doesn’t have any claim to them. Consult with a Long Island divorce lawyer to be sure about the wording in this part of the document.

Defines Personal Property

Some couples get married late in life. They both have certain assets that were earned before the ceremony. These couples might live happily for several decades as married people. However, a divorce occurs after those many years. A prenup defines personal property over the years that may be forgotten. An argument about an item’s original owner can be quickly fixed with a scan of the prenup. As a result, the prenup makes divorce easier when it comes to dividing out the assets. Any items not defined under the prenup become community property between the partners. It’s important when drafting a prenup to hire a nassau county divorce lawyer who can walk you through all the factors/variables to consider.

Supports a Party in a Second Marriage

Certain partners meet and marry in their 50s or 60s. In many cases, the marriage is a second one for both. A prenup before the second ceremony is a good idea because it protects personal assets that might be earmarked for grown children or grandchildren. If divorce looms, each benefactor of those partners is protected from losing any inheritances in the future. Consider these prenups as family protection instead of an agreement between two people.

Working with a suffolk county divorce lawyer in order to draw up the prenup is the best-case scenario. These professionals know where you should be careful about some assets while leaving others as shared property. With a knowledgeable professional by your side, a prenup can be written up, signed and stored away for future use if necessary.

You’re not likely to take your case to trial and have a judge order that the children must attend your annual family reunion. When you go to court, you get a custody order, and the chips fall where they may. However, in mediation, you’re able to get creative.

Mediation is helpful because it lets you focus on what’s most important to you. You might not care about the family china, but you might be very concerned about keeping your jewelry. You may want the marital home and be less concerned about keeping the 401k account. Mediation allows you to prioritize.

At trial, the court makes an equitable division of the assets. The court must concern themselves with what’s fair. While they might consider what’s practical, they’re not concerned with your preferences. Mediation can be very helpful because you can work to keep the things that matter the most to you. Ultimately, this can leave you with greater satisfaction from your divorce case than you might receive if you take your case to trial.

When parties prepare for mediation, their attorneys can help them form realistic expectations. When the parties know the strengths and weaknesses of their case and what the court is likely to do if the case goes to trial, mediation can be helpful to resolve the case. You may be surprised to find that mediation can resolve even tough cases.

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