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5 Jul 2018

How do I stop visitation until he is medically trained to care for her?

A person seeking to stop child visitation until the other parent is medically trained to care for the child may do so with a temporary order. The most important factor in determining whether the temporary order to stop visitation will be granted depends on evidence. Sole child custody gives a parent the right to determine…

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3 Jul 2018

What can an abused woman do to protect herself when leaving?

Leaving an Abusive Relationship Requires Planning Protection Against the Additional Risks when Leaving an Abusive Partner Leaving a relationship that has largely been healthy is difficult enough, but one where manipulation and abuse developed into mainstays can actually become deadlier when the victimized partner tries to leave. Here is some important information on how to…

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2 Jul 2018

Are Assets Split During A Separation Considered Separate Property?

Understanding the concept of a separate property before, during or after marriage intertwines with the need for martial property knowledge. You need to differentiate the two concepts to understand all the basics of separate property during separation and why the answer to this question is yes on a broad platform. Separate Property Separate property is…

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2 Jul 2018

Is a separation agreement enforceable?

People enter into a marriage with the best of intentions. They want to make a life with someone they love. Over time, however, sometimes things can go wrong. A marriage may not be working for one or both partners. In that case, a couple may want to consider steps that allow them to move on…

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