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We're one of New York's oldest divorce law firms, consistently providing service and results


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Our divorce lawyers help you get the outcome you need, and deserve. We analyze your situation, look at the law, and give you a solution that helps you achieve your goals. Divorce and family law are complicated topics. We approach each case individually, and strategically, in order to get the best course of action.


Divorce is that one word, no married couple want to dream about. It’s something which exists as a possibility, but one that no one dreams about. But sometimes, it is something which has to be discussed due to a breakdown in your relationship with your partner. Bottom line, when that happens – you can count on our firm to help you, and advise you. One of the most important things is recognizing that you can speak to a divorce lawyer – without necessarily filing divorce. If you are encountering a breakdown in your relationship with your partner, it might make sense to get pre-emptive advice from a Los Angeles divorce lawyer at the Spodek Law Group. We can advise you on what your potential exposure is, what rights you have, and what are the possible scenarios if you file for divorce in the future. Often, many of our clients turn to us for unbiased advice, so that they can then make a determination on whether to proceed with divorce or not.


Our attorney realize divorce is not an easy topic to discuss, or think about. More importantly, the only thing worse than filing for divorce is having the divorce drag on, for years. We believe in taking a very, litigation-free, approach to divorce – when possible. Sometimes, it is possible to find an amicable solution to your divorce and family law issues. Many of our competitors prefer a litigious approach because it allows them to charge you more money. We are against this approach – as a matter of business, and as a matter of principal.


The lawyers at the Spodek Law Group handle virtually all family and divorce issues:


Child custody and child visitation are some of the most important issues that affect a family. If you’re going through divorce, nothing is more important than being able to take part in your child’s upbringing. We can help you with all of these issues.


Annulments are legal procedures for declaring a marriage null and void. We can potentially help you file for annulment, and work to void your marriage/domestic partnership. After the annulment is granted, it’s like your marriage never happened, because it was never legal.


Spousal support, also known as alimony, is the act of making payments from one spouse to another under a divorce order. This is meant to help the economically disadvantaged spouse continue to enjoy the lifestyle he/she had before the marriage ended.


For many couples, a prenup agreement is a great idea. It helps you protect your assets, and it lets you plan for an unexpected bad day. We can help draft and plan for that unexpected day where you have to file divorce through a prenuptial agreement. We can advise you on the validity of a pre-nup agreement, and if necessary draft a counter-agreement as well. This is contract between two people about to get married which discusses how assets will be distributed in the event of a divorce.

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  • We handle all family and divorce issues
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Todd Spodek was referred to me

Todd Spodek was referred to me though a colleague who went through a very contentious divorce. I knew that my divorce was heading in that direction as well and chose Todd because of his calm and pragmatic demeanor. He is unlike other matrimonial attorneys in the sense that he doesn’t thrive on the dramatics of going into court and dragging matters out. He is a good person who truly cares and I cannot recommend him enough as a great listener, communicator and has a very high level of integrity.

Carla Montagna

Wonderful people!

They work very hard at what they do to give you the best possible outcome. If I ever need legal help or advice I’ll be coming to them! Todd and his team are superb. I highly recommend and respect these wonderful people at Spodek. They go above and beyond to help me everything from zoom calls to an Uber home from court when my phone died! Wonderful people

Lindsey Rendall

Professionalism, Responsiveness

I would like to thank Todd and his whole team for the dedication, and hard work on the case. They are extremely professional, responsive, and compassionate. They where by our side every step of the way. Anyone who needs help can count on them.

Melody Penna

Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Todd is great lawyer who puts his heart into what he does. He goes above and beyond to make sure every single client is taken care of. Thanks again for all your hard work and for being so generous with your time.

Rachel Xu

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