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4 Nov 2019

Benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer after an injury

Benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer after an injury An injury can take place in many different circumstances. Some people get injured when behind the wheel. Others may be injured when they are on the job or attending classes at school. All injuries need to be watched. What may be a simple sprain at…

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3 Sep 2019


An ESOP, or Employee Stock Ownership Plan, is a method for companies to provide their employees shares of ownership. It can be achieved in many different ways: by giving employees stock options, by providing stock as a bonus, by enabling employees to purchase it directly, or through profit sharing. There are now almost 7,000 ESOPs…

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11 Jun 2019

Brian Ofsie discusses divorce lawsuit funding

This article by Brian Ofsie, from Delancey Street, discusses how individuals facing divorce proceeds can get divorce case funding. This is a form of lawsuit funding that is geared towards couples in divorce proceedings. Often in divorce, the finances are one-sided with one party controlling all, or most, of the assets. With divorce funding, the…

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8 May 2019

Why You Need A Real Estate Agent For A Purchase Transaction

Many professionals are involved in property purchase transactions. Among them are the real estate agents. Like most people, you probably don’t know the role of real estate agents and why you should involve them in your next property deal. The agents offer a broad range of services and facilitate the transaction in the shortest time…

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