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Can he claim adultery if he forgave me?

Adultery is one of the biggest reasons people decide to divorce. It’s when one partner cheats on the other with a third party. In some instances, it’s a physical relationship with someone outside the marriage, and in other instances it’s an emotional relationship with a third party that causes the end of a marriage. It’s never easy to learn your partner has cheated on you, but not all couples are willing to end their marriage over something they can potentially work out. Many couples make the decision to work through their issues when infidelity is a problem.

If you agree to work through your issues and your spouse forgives you for cheating, it’s possible he or she may still use that against you if they decide to file for divorce. Forgiveness is always helpful when a marriage is going through difficulties, but it’s not something that people always mean when they say it. Unfortunately, the trust might be so far broken that it’s irretrievable, but your partner might not realize this right away. This is when it’s time to call it quits.

What is grounds for divorce?

When your partner files divorce paperwork, he or she is legally required to provide a reason. You can’t simple divorce someone for fun, but you can cite problems within your marriage. If you want to be indirect with your reason, you can cite you have irreconcilable differences. It means neither of you is to blame for the issues at hand but your marriage is broken beyond repair.

If your spouse cites adultery for the reason behind the divorce filing, you might not think it’s fair. He did, after all, forgive you when you apologized. Forgiveness indicates you attempted to work through your problems and you did what you could to save your marriage, but it simply didn’t work out. If your spouse decides to cite the reason for divorce as adultery on your part, you are now at fault.

Can he file for divorce if he forgave me?

It’s a question many people ask, and it’s one with a very simple answer. Yes, he can file for divorce and tell the court you were unfaithful even if he decided to forgive you initially. Sometimes it seems easy to forgive someone for what they did with another person in the moment, but it’s not possible over time. The feelings of resentment, the lack of trust, the worry, and the fear might make your marriage more miserable than anything, and his forgiveness means nothing at this point.

If you are served with papers citing you were a cheater even though he forgave you, there is nothing you can do about it. You can contest the grounds of your divorce, and it’s always easier to do this with an attorney on your side. Calling a professional divorce attorney with ample experience in this line of work can make the divorce process much easier. You don’t have to agree to divorce him in the manner in which he wants, but you do have to go through with it if he doesn’t want to be married to you.

Forgiveness means nothing if it’s not helping. If you find yourself in this situation, call an attorney. This is a difficult time in your life, and it’s time for you to find someone to help you. An experienced attorney can get things taken care of for you, and that leaves you feeling much better.

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