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8 Sep 2018

How startups can use reverse mergers to go public?

Start-ups can raise capital through angel investors, hard money lending institutions, or investments company. But, there is another way that can be just as effective: the reverse merger. In fact, Warren Buffet who is one of the most successful investors in modern history created his company, Berkshire Hathaway through a reverse merger. Berkshire Hathaway was…

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29 Aug 2018

Can you sue a hard money lender for fraud?

What is a Hard Money Lender? In most circumstances, a hard money lender is an institution that gives loans by securing a borrower’s real estate. They usually charge a much higher interest rate than banks. However, they typically grant loans to borrowers when they can’t obtain a loan from a bank. Predatory lending is when…

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7 Aug 2018

NYC Order of Protection Lawyers

No one ever has a right to lay a hand on you in malice. Unfortunately, we live in a society where abusive situations occur all the time. If you are a victim of domestic violence, there are several legal actions that you can take to protect yourself. These actions will shield you from further abuse…

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7 Aug 2018

NYC Orders of Protection Lawyers

There are sometimes issues with your family members or other people you have relationships with that don’t end well. If you feel that these people need to stay away from you, then you can file for an Order of Protection in New York City. An attorney can help you file the proper paperwork and ensure…

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