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East Norwich Divorce Lawyers

In East Norwich, the only way to permanently and legally end a marriage is by filing for divorce. A divorce action must be filed according to New York’s statute DOM 170. This is just one type of legal procedure an individual must know about when ending their marriage. Other issues pertaining to a divorce include property divorce, child custody issues and resolving debts. Without a divorce lawyer, these issues can be resolved, but in the other spouse’s favor.

A Divorce Lawyer Navigates Through the Complexity of Rules and Procedures.

A divorce is complex. Even a marriage where both spouses agree to a divorce can become complicated with obscure legal language and legal procedures. When an individual has a lawyer on their side, they ensure the process is completed quickly and successfully as possible. In addition, a divorce lawyer walks their client through the step-by-step divorce process. This means clients aren’t surprised if their uncontested divorce changes to a contested one.

A Divorce Lawyer Provides Objective Advice at an Emotional Time.

It doesn’t matter if the person wanted the divorce or not. Going through a divorce is still an emotional time for both spouses. An individual may experience feelings like fear, sadness, rage, betrayal and confusion at different times of the day just thinking about their divorce. These heightened emotions can causes a person going through the divorce to make the wrong decisions. A divorce lawyer is an objective voice in the chaos of a storm of divorce. As a third-party and their client’s legal advocate, they can prevent a person from making the wrong choices. They can keep them level and clear headed. For instance, a divorce lawyer will remind their client to keep their emotions in check and think about their goals such as joint custody or half of the marital property.

Divorce Proceedings has Multiple Options.

Sometimes going through a divorce is like taking a multiple choice test. There are so many options a person can struggle to figure out the correct one to choose. A divorce lawyer will evaluate their client’s situation and advise them of what can happen if the case ends up in divorce court. They will also determine if your case should go through mediation or can be settled without going to court.

Divorce Involves too Much Paperwork.

Paperwork can mean the difference between getting a divorce decree and having to go back to court or the negotiation table. New York requires specific forms each spouse must complete during the divorce process. The presiding judge heavily relies on these documents when deciding a divorce case. If the wrong numbers are used on a form pertaining to debts or property division, the spouse could be accused of trying to hide assets. If the forms are incomplete, there could be a delay in getting a divorce. It’s important to leave the mountain of paperwork to a divorce lawyer. They will complete the paperwork persuasively and properly. This increases the chances of the presiding divorce court judge viewing their client’s argument regarding alimony or child care expenses more favorably.

Help Getting a Divorce in East Norwich

Getting a divorce in East Norwich is never an easy process. It’s hard to separate emotions from facts and remember the end goal: ending the marriage. However, this process is made easier with the help of a divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer is skilled and knowledgeable about New York divorce laws. They are prepared to resolve other issues connected to a divorce such as child custody, alimony and property division. Anyone thinking about a divorce should contact a lawyer immediately. Anyone being sued by their spouse to end their marriage must contact a divorce attorney immediately.

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