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Fathers Rights Lawyers

When it comes to navigating New York’s complex family law courts, fathers might feel as though they’re fighting an uphill battle. The truth is that fathers have a right to custody and parenting time with their children that’s consistent with the children’s best interests. To receive the custody and parenting time that you deserve, you need to assert your rights by bringing a case to the appropriate family court.

Whether you’re going through a divorce, responding to a complaint for child support or filing an action for fair involvement in your child’s life, you have rights. When you assert your rights properly, you can protect your child’s right to have a meaningful relationship with you. Custody, parenting time and child support are automatically part of a divorce proceeding. If you’re not married, you can file a separate action in order to establish a court order that reflects your child’s best interests.

There are times that you may need to work with an attorney to prove that it’s in the best interests of your children to have a certain parenting time or custody arrangement. To make this determination, the court looks at the evidence. When our legal team represents a client, we look at the case from all angles in order to determine how to best present the case to the court.

The child’s mother or other parent in your case might try to tell you that they control when you can spend time with your child. When there’s a court order established, that isn’t true. The other parent has to comply with the court order or risk being found in contempt of court. This is why it’s important for you to start a court action as soon as possible. The court can issue orders that help you exercise your right to be a parent.

In addition to serving as your zealous advocate in court, we want to help you plan the best strategy for your case. We don’t just advocate for you. Instead, we educate you about the laws and how they apply to your case. This helps you make choices that are in your and your child’s best interests as your case moves forward.

When we prepare your case, we gather evidence on your behalf. This might mean gathering school records, evidence of a criminal record of the other parent, or even asking for the psychological evaluation of a parent. We make sure your evidence is admissible and convincing in order to help the judge see your side of the story.

As we’re working on your case, we handle the tough negotiations with the other side. Many parents are able to reach an agreement outside of a court hearing. With our help, we can help you decide if you should agree to a proposal from the other parent or take your case to court. We can also help you think through the pros and cons of certain issues or settlement proposals from the other side. Our experience might help you consider problems or solutions that you may not have thought of.

It’s our goal to help each deserving father represent their interests to the court in the best way possible. We also want you to understand the laws and feel empowered by your experience in the courtroom. If you need a father’s rights lawyer, please contact us today. It’s a privilege to work for and with our clients, and we look forward to speaking with you.