Floral Park Divorce Lawyers

Posted By Adam Denton, Uncategorized On June 24, 2018

The decision to walk away from a marriage can be extremely difficult. A marriage is a symbol of love and a partnership that people may have relied upon for comfort and support. When the marriage is no longer working, it can take time for the people involved to realize this fact. They may want to move on but find it really hard to tell the other person that they want a divorce. This is why it is important to move forward as soon as possible after the couple has decided on this course of action. Acting quickly helps both parties involved find a new life that is more satisfying and better for their life’s needs and plans. A good divorce is very much like a good marriage. When it done well, both parties can benefit. In order to take this next step, each person in the marriage needs to have the right legal counsel.

Sorting Through Financial Matters

Working with a divorce lawyer can be of help in many ways. A divorce lawyer can help their clients tally up their assets. Many people are not aware of their own net worth. This will typically include not only any money they’ve earned on their own. It will also include assets that are held in common by both parties. For example, both parties are considered to own the house they live in. Many people are also not aware of other assets. For example, each member of the marriage may have a joint retirement account in common. These funds may or may not be considered part of a divorce settlement. A lawyer can help both parties determine what laws govern a spouse’s pension or any personal retirement accounts that are offered to them as part of a work settlement. These assets can literally run to hundreds of thousands of dollars over time. Each party involved in the divorce needs to know just how much they need to divide them up. Some assets may not be considered joint assets at all. An effective lawyer can help each person realize what they own and what is considered solely owned by their spouse.

Deciding on a Settlement

Financial matters are a huge source of friction in many divorces. One couple may not want to leave their Floral Park home because of existing family ties and because of access to spaces they love such as public beaches and access to Manhattan via the Long Island Railroad. Another party may want to leave Long Island because of issues such as high property and housing costs. In that case, both parties need to be heard during the divorce. Both parties need to be assured they will not have to make drastic changes that are not in their interest. Floral Park divorce lawyers can help make sure that each member of the relationship has what is most important to them both financially and emotionally. A divorce lawyer can ease each person into a settlement that makes sense for them. For example, one party may agree to sell some assets in order to buy out the other party’s interests in their Long Island home. They can provide a legal basis for negotiation that eases both parties out of the marriage and allows each one to leave the marriage with a sense of having gotten what they want.

The Laws

All those involved should also bear in mind that laws governing divorce in New York state are not always clear. There are grey areas. A lawyer can point out precedent. They can use such previous cases as a basis for providing both parties with effective representation even in a complicated divorce case. For instance, the couple may have a pet they both love very much. After the marriage, each one may want to keep the pet. A lawyer can stand on one party’s side and remind the judge while that person should get their pet. Other laws in New York can also be quite complicated as well. People can quickly find themselves feeling overwhelmed as the process continues and the divorce enters the final stage. A lawyer on their side during this time is a great way to move on more easily.