Great Neck Divorce Lawyers

Posted By Adam Denton, Uncategorized On June 24, 2018

Great Neck is an upscale Long Island community. Located along the island’s north Shore, Great Neck is one of the most historic of places in all of Long Island. This pretty town has several railroad stations that make it easy to get into Manhattan quickly. It also has widely admired schools, miles of public beaches and easy access to the rest of the island. This is why so many people want to live here. At the same time, living here can mean lots of expenses. For those who are considering getting a divorce, it is highly important to work out all financial arrangements that are necessary during the divorce. It should be kept in mind that it is possible for both people involved to figure out how to stay here if that is what they want to do. Great Neck divorce lawyers can help facilitate this process with useful advice and an understanding of how to divide any existing finances as equitably as possible.

All Real Estate Assets

If each person has been living in Great Neck for many years, they may have accumulated many assets over time. In the last decades, real estate properties in the area have seen a vast rise in price. A couple may have purchased a house a long time ago. This house may be worth more money now. A lawyer can demonstrate the advantages of selling a home that may be too large for the needs of both parties and cashing out the equity in the home. Using the equity can provide enough money for both people to buy a smaller home in the area. Rentals in the center of town can provide an easy commute and a way for both parties to satisfy their needs to remain there. A lawyer can also demonstrate how to work with any New York state laws governing the selling and transfer of property. Even when marital assets are being divided, some types of real estate laws may still apply to both parties. The lawyer can make sure that such laws work in favor of each member of the former marriage.

Work Commitments

One of the reasons that people choose to live in Great Neck is that it makes it easier to commute to a job in the heart of New York City. Those who are going to divorce may still need to be able to commute to a job. They may need to be able to get on the LIRR in the morning and get to work on time. The right divorce lawyer can help make sure that each party can get to work as needed. A person may also need to make sure they can get home quickly in order to pick up children. The divorce lawyer can help both parties work out an arrangement that lets each person have the means to keep their present jobs without the need to spend many hours commuting to work each way. They can also help provide a written agreement about what backups may be in place should there be a problem. For example, the train may be delayed because of snow or ice or there may other issues that mean that one party is running late and cannot pick up a child and bring them to ballet lessons.

Other Details

Some divorces are little more than an agreement to legally separate after a short period of partnership. Others involve all sorts of issues such as looking after children, the division of rental property and even the possibility of compensation after supporting a person as they earn a degree in medicine. No matter the kind of divorce sought, all parties will need to make use of someone trained in divorce law. The lawyer can help both with all the little details involved in any divorce and the big picture that should be considered overall at the same time. Many couples have little idea of what needs to be done even while they are in the middle of a divorce. The lawyer can create highly useful legally binding agreements that protect their assets, provide a custody agreement for their kids and help them work things out for the better.