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Homicide and Murder Lawyers

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Homicide and Murder Lawyers

While being charged with any crime can be serious, murder charges are the most serious. At a minimum, a conviction of these charges leads to many years in prison, and possibly a life sentence without any opportunity for parole. And in the most severe cases, the death penalty may be enacted, making a bad situation worse. No matter the circumstances, if you have been charged by police and prosecutors with murder, you will need attorneys who have the knowledge and experience crucial to helping you navigate the complex legal process. Because of this, many individuals facing these situations turn to Raiser and Kenniff.

Why Do I Need Homicide and Murder Lawyers?
Since homicide cases are so complex and serious, you do not want to put your fate in the hands of attorneys who have little knowledge of how to handle these cases. By working with experienced homicide and murder attorneys, you will always be sure your legal rights are protected every step of the way. In many instances, prosecutors and police are simply eager to gain a quick conviction, and may pressure those charged with these crimes to confess before they are able to consult an attorney. Along with this, you will also have attorneys who are able to analyze your case and plan an appropriate strategy to counter prosecutors and police. And remember, just because you have been charged with murder does not automatically make you guilty of the crime. Thus, a skilled attorney may be able to get charges reduced, or dropped altogether if appropriate evidence can be presented to the court.

Are There Different Types of Murder Charges?
Depending on the circumstances of your case, there are multiple types of murder charges that may be levied against you. These can include first-degree murder, often known as premeditated murder, second-degree murder, and heat of passion homicide. Along with these, prosecutors could instead decide the circumstances of your case may lead them to charge you with murder that involves extreme neglect, or certain types of manslaughter, such as vehicular manslaughter, which is often the case if you were involved in a DUI that included fatalities. Depending on the type of murder charge you’re facing, your prison sentence can vary tremendously. Therefore, always hire attorneys who thoroughly understand these various charges, the consequences associated with them, and how to plan legal strategies to counter them.

How Can Murder and Homicide Lawyers Help Me?
Along with having an extensive knowledge of this area of law, homicide lawyers such as Raiser and Kenniff can examine your case in great detail. In many such cases, defense attorneys find police failed to follow proper procedures before making the arrest, such as failing to read a suspect their Miranda rights. In other cases, police may interrogate suspects without allowing them to speak to an attorney, which often leads to a coerced confession. No matter the circumstances surrounding your case, always rely on experienced murder lawyers to handle your case.

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Homicide and Murder Lawyers

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