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Long Island Family Law Articles Lawyers

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Long Island Family Law Articles Lawyers

According to New York state law, property allocated between a couple during marriage is distributed under ‘equitable distribution,’ or what the court deems to be fair. As many whom have divorced in the state can attest, this isn’t always equal or what’s right. To ensure the courts don’t have a say over the allocated property in your divorce, you need an experienced NYC divorce attorney to handle the matter.

Ensuring fair distribution of property allocated during marriage is only one of the many ways that a NY divorce attorney benefits your life during this difficult time. It’s imperative that you speak to an attorney if you feel your marriage is on the rocks. No cost consultations are offered to discuss the specifics of your case in detail, helping you learn the next steps to take to dissolve your marriage the best way possible.

How Does a NYC Divorce Attorney Help You?

Getting divorced is far more complicated than simply saying goodbye to someone. You’ve built a life, a bond, with this person, and have shared some of your most intimate moments with them. Getting divorced is emotional, and if children are involved, things take on a whole new level of complicated. If you are without a lawyer when getting divorced, your emotions may very well lead you in the wrong direction, and cause problems during the divorce proceedings. Lawyers think from a solid, third-party standpoint, rather than with the heart of their emotions. Thus, the best outcome in the divorce is always expected.

Attorneys make getting divorced far easier on those filled with countless emotions due to the split. The attorney will ensure the property is properly divided like it should be, voiding the court of such right; handle child custody; child support; spousal support; and more. When you have an attorney, you can fully dissolve the marriage with one court hearing. The average divorce takes an average of 18 months from start to finish, but with an attorney handling matters, that time is cut in half.

Why Choose the Spodek Law Firm?

Not all divorce lawyers are created the same. Spodek Law Firm stands out from the crowd because they understand the challenges facing their clients during this difficult time. Rather than treating clients like another case, they provide the understanding, the compassion, needed during this time, ensuring the best outcome in the case. If you need a lawyer who offers top-notch legal expertise, as well as a shoulder to lean on, you need the Spodek Law Firm. Serving the entire New York City area, Spodek Law Firm handles your divorce proceedings and other matters that come along with a marriage dissolution, including child custody, child support, spousal support, property division, and more. Free consultations are offered to discuss your case in-depth. There’s no obligation, but once you sit down and talk to these attorney’s, you’ll understand why it is beneficial to have them standing by you when getting a divorce.

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Long Island Family Law Articles Lawyers

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