Long Island Separation Agreements Lawyers

Posted By Adam Denton, On October 3, 2017

For couples who have been married many years or even only a few, there can be many details to wrap up during a separation and divorce. Whether it’s custody agreements, division of property, or alimony payments, the process can be very complicated. Because of this, it’s crucial to deal with lawyers who specialize in separation agreements. By doing so, you can be sure arrangements are made to your benefit.

Property Divisions
Since most couples share almost everything, dividing up property in ways that will satisfy both parties can be a slow and tedious process. By using lawyers who specialize in separation agreements, couples can work closely with them to spell out the exact terms of who gets what. In many cases, an itemized inventory can be used for this, so that no items are left out. Along with this, an attorney can also help to divide up bigger investments such as autos, real estate, and stocks with as little difficulty as possible.

Custody and Visitation
When children are involved in separation and divorce proceedings, the process can be even more complex. With emotions often running high in these situations, it’s even more important to hire Long Island separation agreement lawyers who specialize in handling these complex cases. In many instances, the lawyers will be able to facilitate the process so that both parents, as well as the children, are satisfied with the arrangements. However, if both parties cannot reach a mutual agreement in this fashion, the issue will go before a judge. To keep this from happening, it’s best to work with Long Island separation agreement lawyers who have knowledge and experience in dealing with these sensitive matters.

Modifying a Will
When couples marry, they often make out a will assuming they will be together forever. However, when that doesn’t happen, it’s crucial to change the will to reflect what has happened to the relationship. By failing to do so, an ex-spouse may end up being the beneficiary of an estate, even if that is the last thing the other ex-spouse wanted to see happen. To ensure an estate does not go to someone you have no desire to see profit upon your passing, it’s best to work with separation agreement lawyers who can assist in altering your will.

Out-of-Court Settlements
While it may seem that there are many issues that must be settled by a judge, the fact is most couples who separate and divorce can make most arrangements well before finding their way into a courtroom. However, to make this happen, they need the services of separation agreement lawyers who know how to guide the conversation to reach positive results for both parties.

Reconciling Couples
Even in cases where a couple believes all hope is lost for their relationship, there are always instances of reconciliation. However, this often does not happen without the expert mediation skills of Long Island separation agreement lawyers. By being able to take an objective look at the most pressing issues, couples can sometimes realize there is no need to separate.

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