Manhasset Divorce Lawyers

Posted By Adam Denton, Uncategorized On June 24, 2018

Divorce is a huge decision for any couple. When people decide it’s time to dissolve a marriage, especially a marriage that has been in place for many years, they will need to make many important decisions. This is particularly true of those who are living in upscale communities and have many assets. For residents of places like Manhasset, one of the richest communities in Long Island, the decision to no longer be married has huge fiscal implications. A couple may have many layers of jointly owned assets. For example, they might have a house in town with a mortgage they’ve already paid. They may also have a medical practice with may loyal patients. The couple might also have children and even grandchildren they need to look after financially as well as funds they have personally inherited from a relative. Manhasset divorce lawyers can sort through these matters and help the couple remove any impediments to their divorce.

Careful Division of Assets

For married couples with such issues, it helps to find experienced Manhasset divorce lawyers who can offer them the guidance they need as they decide what to do with all they have on hand as well how to handle any financial and child custody arrangements going forward. For example, if the couple has lots of investments in the securities markets, there can be all sorts of tax implications should the couple sell any of these assets. Capital gains may be due if the parties sell any such long standing assets. The same is true of the decision to sell a Manhasset house. Each member of the couple may be facing bills such as payment for a real estate transfer tax as well as fees such as that of a real estate agent to sell the house. The housing market in the area is particularly strong with many properties purchased as soon as they hit the market. A good lawyer can help the parties involved decide how to avoid any tax penalties and how to make sure their assets are divided fairly and with the highest valuation possible at the time.

The Right Counsel

Under such circumstances, it is advisable that each member of the couple think about having their own lawyer. Each member of the couple may have highly specific interests that must be protected under the law. For example, one member of the couple may have devoted their lives to raising children while the other spent much of their time earning as much money as possible. Each member will still be entitled to certain assets from the marriage. They will also be entitled to have child custody arrangements that allow them to see their children on a routine basis and make it easier for them to remain a supervisory parent. A lawyer can offer contracts that allow each person to move past the marriage with hard won finances intact and their family relationships in good shape. The right counsel will also allow each partner to feel that the laws that govern divorce have been fully used in their favor at all times. Speaking to a judge and other legal professionals can be scary even for those with an education and qualifications. With a lawyer at their side, there’s no need to feel worry as the divorce process continues.

Completing the Process

The process of moving through a divorce in New York state can take time, particularly when there are many assets and other complications. Separate agreements may need to be made about all sorts of aspects of the individual’s lives. For example, if there are several children, each child may need to have an individual custody plan that make sure their interests are protected as they grow. A professional accountant may need to make sure that their practice is protected and their reputation remains good in the community even if a divorce becomes acrimonious. Manhasset divorce lawyers can provide the kind of skilled legal counsel that is necessary in order to go the process of divorce through the court system and create arrangements that are right for everyone involved. Their thoughtful help can make even a hard divorce far less stressful and much easier for all concerned.