Manhattan Family Law Lawyers

Posted By Adam Denton, Uncategorized On August 7, 2018

Although many individuals believe that divorce is the only reason they need a family lawyer, it is only one of many services that family attorneys offer. Family law encompasses a wide range of issues such as custody, paternity, adoption, premarital contracts, postnuptial agreements, and child support.

When family matters, such as the ones previously mentioned, require legal action, it is imperative to seek a skilled and compassionate Manhattan family law attorney. A family law attorney can be a resourceful guide and ensure the course of action is taken to resolve the issue.

Although adopting a child is rewarding, it usually means that you have to deal with numerous legal matters that can be time-consuming and frustrating. If you have an attorney at your side for guidance, it can alleviate some of the frustration and expense that comes with adoption.

Regardless of if you are a couple who wants to adopt a child or a single parent looking to find the right caregiver for your child, a family attorney can make certain every detail is covered. Our skilled team of legal experts can help you prepare all the required documents and explain each step in the adoption process. In addition, we can also help you in the event that any issues arise after the adoption hearing.

If the biological father of a child is in question, a genetic test will be administered to establish parental rights, custody, visitation, and child support. Even when the biological father doesn’t want to be in his child’s life, he is still obligated by New York law to make child support payments.

Child Custody
When a couple decides to get divorced, and there are children involved, it can make the process more complicated and stressful on the couple and their children. A family attorney can protect your rights as a parent and ensure that custody is fair. It is vital to seek an attorney for child custody matters because it deals with physical and legal custody. This could encompass educational decisions, medial care, religious beliefs, and other important matters.

Domestic Violence
Unfortunately, domestic violence is a present in many relationships. Domestic violence can be physical assault, harassment, neglect, or sexual abuse. If you are in a relationship that involves domestic violence, the first thing you should do is contact the NYPD and a family law attorney. The experts at our law firm can inform you of your legal rights. In addition, we can also get you an Order of Protection to make certain you are physically safe.

If you are married and a victim of domestic violence, you may choose to take legal action with a separation or divorce. In this circumstance, we can help dissolve the marriage in a timely manner to help keep you safe. Our law firm understands the sensitivity of domestic violence, and we ensure that your personal matters stay confidential.

Our Manhattan family law attorneys have the capability to handle contested divorces and uncontested divorces. Divorce can cause emotional strain, and we can help relieve some of this stress by helping you retain temporary spousal maintenance support throughout the divorce proceedings. Our attorneys can also be mediators in the event you and your spouse can’t reach a solution.

We can also help if any post-divorce disputes arise. Factors that cause post-divorce disputes include any changes that were made to a child’s education, job loss, change in income, or when one parent wants to relocate. In addition, we can also provide you with assistance if you need child custody, spousal maintenance, or child support enforced.

When a marriage has lasted less than six months, you can get an annulment under certain circumstances. For instance, if one spouse is technically married to another individual without your knowledge, you can have the marriage annulled. In New York, you must have specific legal grounds to file for an annulment.

If you are in need of a family law attorney in Manhattan, contact our law offices today. We have the knowledge and experience to help.