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Manhattan Prenuptial Lawyers

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Manhattan Prenuptial Lawyers

In New York, a prenuptial agreement is described as a legally binding contract between two individuals before they get married. If the parties get divorced somewhere down the line, the prenuptial should hold up in court. The parties will make a clear declaration that lays out who is entitled to what. Prenuptial agreements are great for individuals who brings high assets into the marriage and want to have them protected. If you are a person in need of a good prenuptial lawyer, there are many in the Manhattan area. They will assist you with these agreements and get them set up properly.

Well before a couple reaches the point of matrimony, they should already know their rights under the law when it comes prenuptial agreements. The best thing to do is sit down with a prenuptial attorney and find out what your right are. It’s too late after you sign the papers. Find a prenup attorney with a proven track record of success. The will be your biggest ally when you go to court.

A prenup will address several issues such as:

Division of assets when you end your marriage
The way finances will be handled in your marriage
Terms of spousal support
Business ownership
The handling of gifts, trusts and inheritance
Insurance coverage, benefits and disability

The only way a prenup is considered valid is if it is read and signed by both parties. There is no such thing as an oral prenup agreement. If you feel the need to have a prenup, hire an attorney now. Things may not be as iron clad as you think. Only an experienced attorney can properly put together the paperwork made to your specifications. A good attorney can poke holes in a poorly drafted prenuptial agreement. Make sure you have your prenup up to snuff and impeachable.

There are some ways that a prenuptial agreement can be challenged:

If you are forced to sign a prenuptial against your will
If both parties are represented by the same attorney
There are certain parts of the document that the court refuses to uphold
If the prenup is extremely unfair to the other party.

If any of these things happen, you will need an attorney to speak up on your behalf. If you feel as though you were not properly treated and were forced to sign a prenup under duress or against your will, you should stand up for your rights. Speak to a seasoned prenup lawyer to determine your next step.

If you are ready to marry and are presented with a prenuptial agreement, you better make sure that it is something you are in agreement with. Signing something blindly can be a huge mistake that can cost you. Once you sign on the dotted line, you could have trouble getting it overturned. This is the reason why you should have a good attorney at your side to help with these issues.

Prenups can be challenging and complex. Divorce is already stressful enough and you don’t need anything else stressing you during the process. Allow a divorce lawyer who is steeped in prenup experience help you. Call today for a free consultation. Your case will be thoroughly examined. You will be given an honest assessment and support from a person who will ensure your rights are protected.

Manhattan Prenuptial Lawyers

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