Massapequa Divorce Lawyers

Posted By Adam Denton, Uncategorized On June 25, 2018

Filing for divorce without an attorney is hardly ever a good idea. A do-it-yourself divorce might work if there aren’t any children involved. But even then, you might need an attorney to help with property or alimony. It’s likely in your best interest to consider hiring an attorney. Here are some of the benefits of a divorce attorney.

1.Mistake-Free Divorce
Several things can go wrong with a do-it-yourself divorce. Dealing with the legal system is often complicated and confusing. And during a divorce, you’re likely already under a great deal of stress. This situation can negatively affect your ability to think clearly.

You might mistakenly misreport the value of an asset. Or maybe a credit card or medical debt might slip your mind. The need to correct small mistakes can complicate matters and cost additional money.

A divorce lawyer can make sure the paperwork is correct. An attorney will check and double-check to make sure all information is correct. You’ll avoid making potentially costly mistakes.

2.Expert Guidance
A divorce attorney can make certain you receive a fair outcome. You may not know what you’re legally entitled to from the divorce. What is or isn’t possible depends largely on state laws. Perhaps you’re entitled to retirement or other future earnings your spouse will receive. Do you have to pay alimony? Are you entitled to alimony? And if so, you’ll need to know how much. An attorney’s help is invaluable in this situation. If there’s children, property, debts, financial accounts, and other income issues than a divorce attorney is recommended.

3.Timely Divorce
A do-it-yourself divorce requires significant paperwork. There are forms to complete, documentation to provide, and information to gather. Problems with filing your paperwork can delay the divorce. Hiring an attorney helps you avoid dealing with mounds of paperwork. An experienced divorce attorney will handle the details, and get your divorce done as fast as legally possible.

4.Less Stress
A divorce is often a time of stress. It’s even worse when you’re doing it yourself with no help. Hiring an attorney doesn’t mean you’ll have no involvement. You’ll still need to provide information, but the attorney will handle most of the details. Instead of worrying about paperwork, you can get on with preparing for your new life. There’s plenty to think about an do while your attorney handles the legal work.

5.Legally Binding Divorce
With a do-it-yourself divorce, there’s a chance you might misrepresent yourself. You might intend for the courts to do one thing but a misunderstanding results in the wrong outcome. As a result, you could have a serious problem with your divorce decree. Getting things cleared up could present a problem and cause a big headache.

The divorce decree should accurately reflect your wishes and have no errors or confusing language. An attorney will make sure everything is clearly stated in the divorce decree. The result is a legally binding document that summarizes the rights and duties of you and your former spouse.

Hiring a Divorce Attorney
A divorce is a legal process. It requires careful handling to avoid mistakes that can prolong the process. But you want your assets and custody issues handled in a timely manner. If children and finances aren’t a concern, then you can possibly handle the divorce on your own. Maybe neither of you own any property and have no kids. But otherwise, it’s wise to hire a lawyer to negotiate your divorce.

A divorce attorney is your best bet for a timely and error-free divorce. An attorney that you hire is there to represent your interests. The attorney should also provide advice based on what’s legally in your best interest.