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Why am I a matrimonial, family law lawyer and divorce mediator?

When it comes to our divorce law services, we have a mission to help spouses who are unhappy, or who have been either injured or wronged in some way. We will work with you to determine exactly what you need to handle for your divorce, and the best options and paths to get what you deserve. We feel that you are entitled to what is right and fair. The best way for our lawyers to do that is to act as matrimonial or family law lawyers or a mediators as often as possible, choosing the types of law and collaboration that are best for you.

Our Mediation Services

Mediation is quite different from traditional litigation, but we find it highly effective. In our role as mediator, we don’t have to advocate for one side of the problem. Instead, we help couples come together in a safe, neutral space so that they can work to resolve their issues. Even though these discussions sometimes get heated and emotion gets involved, we find that face-to-face problem solving in a neutral setting is one of the best ways to handle a divorce, especially if there is a child involved. We feel that the settlements our couples decide on during mediation end up being fair and balanced, making the entire divorce process smoother. Divorces are incredibly difficult, and we value any opportunity for a couple to get through it a bit easier. Additionally, we also work with clients to go over negotiations that were created with another mediator, determining whether or not they are fair to both parties. We feel that it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion from a neutral third party.

Our Law Services

Though we always like to help couples via mediation, we understand that there are times when mediation isn’t the right choice for divorcing spouses. Sometimes you’ve already attempted mediation or one party won’t commit to any type of collaboration, leaving you with no other option but to proceed with an adversarial divorce. During these times, we dedicate ourselves to one party, helping them go to battle in court. As trained attorneys and experienced litigators, we’re able to help spouses no matter what type of settlement path they choose (mediation or adversarial).

Though we prefer collaboration when possible, we are absolutely prepared to fight on your behalf should you choose the more traditional route during your divorce. If you feel like you’ve been wronged or injured, we’ll work as hard as possible to get you what is fair, and we’ll clearly ask the court to award you with what we feel is right. During these types of cases, we do not stay neutral, but instead work closely with you and on your behalf to help you win in the end.

Mediation and Collaborative Law

While we are available to help one side go to court, we always encourage spouses to consider mediation or collaborative law first. We feel that this is the best and most fair way to decide a number of different divorce-related issues. So long as both people are willing and able to work together throughout their divorce, they can avoid additional bad feelings and being put down by the other side. We feel that a relationship ending does not need to breed enemies, especially if there are children involved. If it’s at all possible, we’ll encourage couples to opt for collaboration, and we’ll do everything possible to help them make the most out of this opportunity.

Couples that opt for mediation or collaborative law have a greater chance of ending their marriage and remaining friends, or at least remaining civil enough to one another to co-parent. Even if the marriage itself was adversarial, there is another way to approach divorce proceedings without them causing even more problems or pain. In mediation and collaborative law, we don’t rely on revisiting the same issues over and over, as happens in adversarial law – this higher level of compliance creates a better setting for dispute resolution. Neither party has to continually revisit painful memories from their marriage, as these issues are dealt with, decided upon and then moved on from. Additionally, mediation and collaborative law tend to see results faster than adversarial law, and the cost is less overall, too. Generally, litigation requires more time and money than mediation alternatives. Divorce can be expensive, and many couples are happy and willing to save money when it comes to handling their divorce if it’s at all possible.

Help With Collaborative Divorce

We feel that our clients are more satisfied with the results of mediation or a collaborative approach than with an adversarial approach. However, you may feel strongly that the more traditional, adversarial route will work best for your situation, possibly because the other party doesn’t believe in collaboration or because you’ve already tried mediation and it didn’t work out for either of you. Either way, we’re dedicated to getting the best results possible for our clients, whether we work with you alone or you and your spouse.

If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, contact Spodek Law Group today, your Long Island divorce lawyers. We can discuss a variety of divorce options with you and your spouse. We’ll work with you with mediation, collaboration, traditional litigation, child support, order of protection, custody, or any other divorce or family issue.

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