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If you are considering filing a divorce from your spouse, it can be an overwhelming time in your life. You may already be stressed and in financial trouble, so you might be tempted to try to do the divorce process yourself. However, this can backfire and have a number of negative consequences. Here is why it is important to use a divorce attorney and how they can help you:

Fear of Violence

Many people fear that their spouse may retaliate with violence in some way as a result of getting a divorce. If you fear that you or your children are in danger from your spouse, you need to have the right legal guidance to protect yourself. This includes filing a restraining order, getting to a shelter, and withdrawing up to half of your assets from joint accounts which an attorney experienced in these matters can help you do before it’s too late.

Binding Agreements

When the court makes a divorce decree, it is binding and final. If you did not communicate something in the right kind of language or left out key parts of the documentation, it could result in a ruling that you will regret for the rest of your life. The court will process all documents, but they don’t necessarily know what you intended. A divorce attorney knows how to make sure that your wishes are expressed accurately without room for misinterpretation so you can get the fair outcome you deserve.

Less Stress

Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful things a person can go through. At times, it can seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. A divorce attorney can alleviate a lot of stress for you. They can deal with the hard questions, the paperwork collection, and the communication with your spouse’s legal team. That way, you have more emotional energy to maintain your normal life and provide a healthy attitude for your children during this hard time.

Correct Asset Classification

One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to divorce is not classifying assets correctly. In many areas, the spouses will split things evenly. However, what people forget to include is things like retirement accounts, pensions, medical debt, or credit card debt. If you do not show proof to the court that your spouse has one or all of these things, you may not be entitled to receive your fair share after the proceedings have finished. This can cause you and your family financial hardship. A dedicated lawyer helps you weed through the financial data and understand what assets can be reported.

Save Time

The process of getting a divorce can be a time-consuming endeavor. This also causes you a lot of exhaustion having to deal with multitudes of paperwork and take time off from your kids or work to deal with. When you hire a divorce attorney, they will spend their time doing the right things to ensure you are legally advocated for so you don’t have to. That way you can focus on all the things you have to do in addition to the divorce process.


If you have children, there is nothing worse than imagining a world where you don’t have custody to see them as often as you deserve. The court system can be unforgiving to spouses who do not file correctly and provide cause for having more custody with their children. Lawyers trained in this area know how to work the court to allow you to have more custody of your kids so you don’t have a situation you regret forever.

Avoid Delays

The courts will process documentation and information as it comes in. However, they do not always do this as quickly if they don’t understand why you submitted certain paperwork when you did. In addition, forgetting small pieces of information can have large effects on the court’s ability to process your case and results in huge delays. A divorce attorney helps you speed things up so you can move on with your life as soon as possible.

Navigating Court Proceedings

The legal system in the U.S. is very complicated. Many people lose their cases not because they were not smart but because they didn’t understand this system. You need a lawyer to help you navigate the various layers of the system to ensure that your justice is being looked after at each turn. That way, you can have peace of mind that an expert is on your side.

No one plans on having a divorce. However, far too many people find themselves in a situation where their divorce process is too much to handle. They make mistakes on paperwork, delay the process, and have more stress than ever before. If you use a divorce attorney, you can avoid the many pitfalls of doing it yourself and get the compensation, custody, and justice you deserve.

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