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Modification of Child Support Lawyers

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Modification of Child Support Lawyers

There are times when parents need to ask the court to modify the support order for the minor children. As life happens, incomes may change and custody arrangements might change. These changes can be good reasons that parents need to ask the court to look at making a modification of a support order.

If you need to request that the court change the child support order, it’s important to work with an attorney to bring your case quickly. A court speaks through its written orders. The court can’t make a change in support until you ask for it. Filing your claim starts the ball rolling so that you can get the changes that you need for the minor children.

There are a number of reasons that you may need to ask the court to modify support. You may have a change in income that impacts your ability to pay support. This might be a job loss or even a raise. The other parent might have a pay increase or decrease that impacts the amount of appropriate support.

The circumstances may also change surrounding the children. If you have significantly more parenting time with the children than you used to have, the appropriate support amount may change. If the children have different day care needs or special needs than they had before, it might change the appropriate support amount. Even long-distance travel between parents in order to exercise parenting time might make a difference.

When you ask the court to modify support, you need to present evidence of the changes that have occurred in your case. To demonstrate your income, you may need to present pay stubs. Proof of insurance costs and child care expenses can be important as the court crunches the numbers and makes a determination.

Our legal team can help you evaluate your case to find the information that the court wants to see in order to determine the correct amount of support. We know the rules of evidence and the court rules. That lets us help you in an effective way. On your court day, we’re ready to stand by your side in court and help you present the case to the judge. At each step of the way, we want to help you understand the process so that you can have confidence as the case moves forward.

Sometimes, you need to gather evidence to show the court the other party’s financial situation. We work with our clients in order to gather this information. We may need to serve a subpoena in order to get pay records from the other parent’s employer. We may need to ask for bank account records to see if someone is trying to hide income through a friend or family member. When we work with clients, we evaluate the case to see what pieces of evidence we need to help the courts see the whole picture.

Our team doesn’t just rely on the court to make a child support calculation. Instead, we take the time to study the formula. We do the math. That allows us to double check the court’s work for errors. It also helps you understand what you’re paying and why.

If you might need a modification of child support, please contact us. It’s our goal to help deserving clients evaluate their situation in order to make smart choices about your case. If you can pursue a modification, we help you pursue your case to the fullest extent of New York law.

Modification of Child Support Lawyers

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