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When the media needs professional and accurate legal insight on criminal cases in the national spotlight they turn to Raiser & Kenniff. Turn to a defense law firm with national recognition.

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Nassau County Child Support Lawyer

The unfortunate truth is that divorce is often an unavoidable outcome for a significant number of couples in New York. While the sadness and disappointment felt by the adults involved is often intense, the pain and disruption to the lives of their minor children can prove far more severe. Uncertainty and fear have a way of taking hold of youngsters at a most vulnerable time in their lives, and it is important that they be given the emotional and financial resources necessary to cope with what has occurred. A Nassau County child support lawyer can help divorcing parents do precisely that.

New York law provides that parents have a responsibility to support their children until they have reached 21 years of age. When a couple with children decides to divorce, the noncustodial parent will be required to pay child support at a level determined by Family Court Support Magistrates after a review of their financial circumstances. Child support includes things such as cash disbursements to cover everyday needs, child care payments, health insurance coverage and other similar expenses.

Child support arrangements and amounts must be included in any divorce settlement or decree obtained in New York. In addition to the basic categories of support, it is often the case that couples will negotiate for payment of things such as extra-curricular activities, cellular phone plans, music lessons, camps and the like. An experienced child support lawyer can help clients ensure that the best interests of their minor children always take precedence and that their needs will be met now and into the future.

In addition to arriving at a child support agreement that fits a family’s needs and is in line with the non-custodial parent’s financial resources, it is often necessary to enlist the aid of an attorney to help with post-dissolution enforcement of agreements and orders. If divorced parents fail in their obligations to pay child support, it may be necessary to pursue the non-compliant parent in court in order to secure payment.

If a parent’s financial situation undergoes substantial change, whether good or bad, it may be wise to seek the guidance of a Nassau County child support lawyer who can help make the necessary adjustments and make certain that the child’s needs continue to be met. Non-custodial parents who suffer a job loss or other reduction in resources must be proactive in requesting a downward modification, lest they be held in contempt of court or suffer adverse credit ramifications for failure to pay. A seasoned child support attorney can build a strong argument as to why a change in child support terms is warranted.

There can be no doubt that the dissolution of a marital union entered into with the best intentions and highest of hopes is a traumatic event for all involved. However, divorcing couples must never lose sight of the fact that their children’s well-being must always remain priority number one. Those in the process of ending their marriage must take active steps to achieve a child support arrangement that works for everyone, and the help of a skilled Nassau County child support lawyer can help achieve that goal.

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