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Nassau County Abuse & Neglect Lawyer

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Nassau County Abuse & Neglect Lawyer

Abuse and neglect is a serious issue and can happen in three main settings; child abuse and neglect, patient abuse and neglect, and abuse and neglect in nursing homes.

Child Abuse and Neglect

This is the most common form of abuse. It is taken as a serious offense in the state of New York.

Child abuse is typically conducted by a parent or guardian to the child. It can be either one of the following, or a combination of them:

• Inflicting serious physical harm.

• Committing sexual abuse against the child.

• Risking physical harm to a child.

If a person witnesses child abuse and fails to report it to the necessary authorities, they can also be charged with child abuse.

Child maltreatment is considered a less serious form of child abuse and can be defined as lack of quality care towards the child.

Examples of child abuse include:

• Physical harm or the threat to inflict physical harm. This can be beating, shaking, kicking, biting, burning, slapping and punching a child.

• Sexual abuse including, but not limited to sodomy, intercourse, touching a child’s genital area, rape, incest and any abnormal sexual act committed against a child.

Examples of child neglect include:

• Refusal to provide food, shelter or clothing.

• Refusal to educate a child or keeping a child from going to school for the wrong reasons.

• Failure to provide mental health if required.

• Leaving an underdeveloped child alone at home.

• Inflicting fear, extreme criticism or verbal abuse to a child. This also includes humiliating a child.

• Leaving a child in the hands of an unqualified or addicted individual.

• Excessive corporal punishment.

• If a parent or guardian is addicted to the point that they cannot take care of their child.

• Using a child as a drug mule or abusing drugs in their presence.

Patient Abuse

Patient abuse includes any action that causes suffering or harm to a patient and is conducted by medical staff who are supposed to care for the patient.

If food or medical attention is withheld, then this is also considered patient neglect and forms grounds for a lawsuit.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

This type of abuse involves the elderly in nursing homes. If the staff of a nursing home physically attacks a resident or withholds necessary attention from them, this is considered a case of abuse and neglect.

Additionally, if the facility tries to cut back on therapists, nurses or doctors in a bid to save costs, then the family of the individual has reason to claim abuse and neglect.

In all of the above instances of abuse and neglect, an abuse and neglect lawyer is required for a number of reasons.

The Role of an Abuse and Neglect Lawyer

There is a lot of information on abuse and neglect, especially in the case of child abuse and neglect. As such, it is important that a lawyer is contacted so that they can explain the circumstances and determine the actual level of abuse.

In child abuse cases, a lawyer can represent the child or the parent. There are instances where parents are wrongfully accused of child abuse and neglect. A lawyer is necessary here to collect evidence to argue against the false accusations.

Lawyers also represent child welfare agencies.

Whatever the case, it is important that an abuse and neglect lawyer is contacted immediately.

Nassau County Abuse & Neglect Lawyer

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