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Nassau County Guardianship Law Lawyer

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Nassau County Guardianship Law Lawyer

In many instances, it’s important to protect the bond between a child and their father. The Department of Health and Human Services has reported that kids who grow up without a father are at greater risk for problems such as alcohol and drug abuse, as well as dropping out of school. In general, the Department of Health and Human Services states that a child who doesn’t have a father in his or her life has little chance of succeeding in life and becoming a productive member of society. Unfortunately, when parents get divorced, it brings about a different type of family life for the child. If a couple splits up and the father has been pushed to the side in their child’s life, it’s a situation that calls for help in the form of legal representation. If you are located in Nassau County and want to get back your relationship with your child, hire a skilled New York guardianship law attorney immediately.

Why Do You Need a Guardianship Law Attorney?

In spite of what many people may believe, child visitation is not something that is automatically granted as a right for any parent. The court is responsible for determining that as being a right of the child. As a result, it is of utmost importance to demonstrate to the court that your presence in your child’s life greatly benefits the child. In other words, you, as a parent, have the burden of proof. The court will always take the best interests of the child into consideration first and foremost over everything else, which is why it is so important that you do your part. It means you should always have the assistance of an experienced and dedicated guardianship law attorney who can fight for your rights.

This type of family law attorney will help to prepare a defense that is in your favor so that when you go to court, you can prove that you deserve to be a part of your child’s life and that your child will benefit from the ongoing relationship. If your divorce was a messy one, your former spouse will no doubt try to present you negatively to the court. However, you must demonstrate that you are a good father and that your child needs you in their life.

The Complexity of Guardianship and Paternity Laws

Whether you live in the Nassau County area or anywhere else in the state of New York, it’s important to know that the laws surrounding fathers’ rights are complex. The first step in being prepared to make a case for yourself is to know the law, which is why hiring a family law attorney is your best option. Guardianship and paternity cases are also extremely emotional, so it makes it difficult to go into a case objectively. Your attorney can work for you and make your case on your behalf without becoming emotional about the situation. Becoming overly emotional during your case, and especially losing your temper, can only be detrimental and work against your favor.

Tips for Winning Guardianship and Paternity Rights

There are a few tips that every father in this type of situation should use to his advantage. They can help you in your goal of winning guardianship and paternity rights and are as follows:

• Stay focused on your ultimate goal and on a solution. After all, solutions are what the courts seek. Focus on the present and future.
• Avoid playing the blame game. Don’t blame your ex because it won’t help your case. Remain level-headed and mature during your case.
• Take parenting classes. They can help you to become a better father and to better cope with your divorce. Taking classes also shows the court that you’re serious about your child.

If you have concerns about your paternity and guardianship, contact a family law attorney immediately.

Nassau County Guardianship Law Lawyer

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