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Nassau County Order of Protection Lawyer

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Nassau County Order of Protection Lawyer

While it would be wonderful if everyone got along, reality shows that some people look for and find ways to harm other people. Often, they hurt the people they are supposed to love. Fortunately, a Nassau County order of protection lawyer knows exactly what steps to take to keep clients safer.

Order of Protection
An order of protection states its purpose in its name. The order means to limit harmful or threatening behavior by one person towards another. It may include banning a person from having a gun or prohibiting them from injuring or threatening to injure anyone listed in the order of protection. The order may direct a person to stay away from a spouse, significant other or children. Protections may include commanding the offending party to pay child support, follow custody orders or move out of a home shared with the person obtaining the order of protection. If you are facing a potentially dangerous situation and think you need help, a Nassau County order of protection lawyer is available to guide you through the process. Many clients are unaware that family, criminal and state supreme courts all issue these orders but with different criteria.

Family Court
Family court issues them through civil proceedings and deals with violence within families or intimate relationships. To get this protection order, your relationship to the person making threats or causing injury must be that of a spouse, a parent of a shared child, a blood relative or someone you have or had an intimate relationship with. A Nassau County order of protection lawyer can help you file a Family Offense petition, the form required to start the proceedings for a protection order in family court.

Criminal Court
Criminal courts only issue orders of protection against those accused of a crime. The accused may be convicted and do jail time, and the protection order may be a condition of bail or a defendant’s release from jail. Criminal courts do not require a relationship of any kind between the person seeking the order of protection and the person the order is against.

Supreme Court
An order of protection from a state supreme court could be part of ongoing divorce proceedings. These orders are granted after an oral request during a court appearance or through a written request by an Order to Show Cause or a Motion. A Nassau County order of protection lawyer representing you in court can make an oral request on your behalf, or the attorney can make a written request for you.

Violating an Order of Protection
Even with an order of protection against them, some people won’t stop trying to inflict harm on others. If someone violates your order protection, call the police, and call your Nassau County order of protection lawyer. Law enforcement can arrest the offender, and your attorney can help you file a violation of the order with the courts.

While you could get an order or protection on your own, having someone with legal expertise can help move things along easier and faster. And, an attorney can make sure you fully understand your rights regarding protecting yourself and your loved ones. When you need protection, having the support of a Nassau County order of protection lawyer works in your favor.

Nassau County Order of Protection Lawyer

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