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Nassau County Paternity Lawyer

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Nassau County Paternity Lawyer

Paternity issues form a bulk of cases in family courts. Paternity refers to the process of establishing the legal father of a child. These cases are highly contested, and sadly, the legal system is not fair to the men. In fact, studies done over the years have shown that about 30 percent of fathers are paying child support for children who are not biologically theirs. If you wish to establish or challenge a paternity issue in Nassau County, it is wise to seek the expertise of a father’s right lawyer. An understanding of the law also gives you insight into your particular situation.

As a father, you accept responsibility towards a child when you sign an acknowledgment form. This is done after the child is born. This form gives you certain rights over that child. However, not all rights are guaranteed through a paternity acknowledgment form.

Guaranteed rights in a paternity acknowledgment

Upon signing the acknowledgment of paternity, you have a right to be responsible for the child. This includes supporting the child. You also get the right to have your child bear your name on the birth certificate. The acknowledgment also gives you the right to agree to or reject an adoption proceeding of your child.

Rights that are not guaranteed in the acknowledgment

In as much as they are termed as rights, there are certain rights that are not automatically guaranteed. For instance, as a father, you are not guaranteed child custody rights. If you wish to challenge this, you need to it in a separate legal procedure. The acknowledgment does not also grant you the right to visitation. There are circumstances under which your right to visit a child may be taken away. In most cases, the issues surround abuse, neglect and if the court deems that you are not a fit parent. This means that even if the DNA test proves that you are the biological father, this right can be taken away from you.

The need for a father’s right or paternity lawyer

The need for a father in the life of a child is crucial. Studies done over the years have come to the conclusion that children who have an active father in their lives are less likely to drop out of school or be involved in crime and drug abuse. When you fight for your right to be in your child’s life, you are fighting for so much. Given that the stakes are high, you need to work with a father’s right attorney. The general trend is that most custody cases are won by the mothers. It is not right for you to be relegated to a back seat role in the life of your child. This is why you need good legal representation.

When it comes to custody issues, the courts will look into your conduct as a father and if you are fit to be active in the life of your child. Given that these cases are mainly a contest between two parents, you can be sure that your partner will want to paint you in a negative light. It is very easy to lose your temper in such situations. To avoid jeopardizing your case, you should let the lawyer handle the matter. Family lawyers understand the legal system and just what it takes to ensure that you get a favorable outcome.

Nassau County Paternity Lawyer

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