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Nassau County Relocation Lawyer

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Nassau County Relocation Lawyer

Termination of a relationship, particularly marriage is bound the change the children’s lives. A parent might relocate because of a new job or the desire to live near the children’s school. Parental relocation because of separation or divorce of a couple requires the intervention of a relocation attorney to help the couple in agreeing for future custody arrangements. Nassau County family law attorney has a team of experienced attorneys committed to helping you in understanding how the court will access your case.


Elements to Consider In Relocation Cases


Before the court reaches a final verdict, it will consider a few factors in relocation. The court will determine how the parent’s relocation will affect the child and their relationship. The relocating parent is likely to be given custody rights if he/she is an active participant in the child’s life and shares a close relationship with the child. Negligence of the child’s welfare by the relocating parent will demonstrate a weak bond with the child, hence favoring the other parent.


The court may consider a ruling based on special factors. The child’s current connection to the community, the potential changes in the life of the child, and the child’s attachment to the noncustodial parent are some of the factors. The judge may also consider factors like the geographical restriction of the area in which the relocating parent will be going, educational impacts of the child, and how the migration will affect the child’s relationships with the other family members.


Impacts of Relocating


Relocation of a spouse causes a dispute over the child’s custody. Even though it is understandable for spouses to migrate to a different area after a divorce, a child’s interest should be prioritized. If the relocating parent is given custody, the other parent’s access to the child should not be compromised. Sometimes the relocating parent may decide to file petitions for changing the child custody order. Thankfully, most courts consider the child’s best interest before making a verdict. Parents who want to rebuild their post-divorce lives by relocating freely affect the relationship between the non-relocating parent and the child. The jurisdiction incorporates the best interest standard to solve this issue.


Relocation lawyers are necessary when you are fighting for custody rights for your child. The court will focus on the emotional and physical health of the child. It will also look at the child’s education and social relationships. The court may involve mental health experts or appoint guardians for the child in special circumstances. If you want a successful ruling in court, you should get a Nassau Country Relocation lawyer to help you represent the case properly. These lawyers will inform you about your legal right as the child’s parent and guide you through the court proceedings.


In conclusion, consulting a skilled relocation lawyer is crucial before relocating to another area. It prevents further dispute between couples and promotes a mutual understanding regarding the child’s custody. Since the parents uphold the child’s interest, a settlement in court is usually made fairly. The court will make a fair ruling based on the assessment of the case. Therefore, you should consider hiring the best relocation lawyer to help you to win the child custody rights. Additionally, you should go through a court process before relocating to avoid getting claims of kidnapping.

Nassau County Relocation Lawyer

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