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nassau county Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

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nassau county Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

Marriage is a wonderful union between two people who desire to spend the rest of their lives together. It is also a legal contract that has traditionally been reserved only for a relationship between a man and woman. With the law in New York now changing that tide, same sex marriages are not only permitted, they are embraced. However, with a marriage also comes potential conflict down the road. There are a myriad of reasons why a same sex couple will file for a divorce. In some cases, it is simply a matter of falling out of love with one another. In other cases, the issues are much more deeply rooted than that and a bitter divorce proceeding can result. No matter what the reason you might be seeking a divorce from your same sex spouse, you will want Nassau County same sex divorce lawyers working on your side.

Nassau County Same Sex Divorce Explained

Almost everyone on the face of the planet understands what a divorce is. What many people fail to realize, however, is that it is an emotionally draining process that can alter the course of one’s life forever. Leaving someone that you once loved and planned on living with for the rest of your life is never easy, even if you don’t want to admit it. In Nassau County, a same sex divorce is treated in largely the same manner as that of a traditional marriage consisting of husband and wife.

When one partner in a marriage files for a divorce, he or she will petition the court. At that point, terms of a proposed settlement are drawn up and then the papers delivered to the other spouse. At that time, many partners will accept the divorce and it can be finalized rather quickly. However, some same sex divorces do not end so easy. There could be a number of factors at play that prevent an easy settlement, with many of these cases ending up in court before a judge. If you want to ensure that your rights are protected throughout the process, you will want to have a Nassau County same sex divorce lawyer working on your behalf from the very beginning.

Legal Implications of a Same Sex Divorce in Nassau County

A divorce is final. The marriage will be dissolved. That needs to be understood by both parties before entering into the process. In addition, a divorce must be finalized before one partner or the other can enter into another marriage. If one partner refuses to sign the divorce papers, it will go to court where the judge will dissolve the marriage. No person in Nassau County is forced to remain married against their wishes. That being said, a divorce settlement considers numerous legal components as well.

There will be marital assets to consider. This is often the most difficult part of reaching an agreement. There are times when a mediator can help to resolve differences without going to a judge, but you will still want to have a Nassau County same sex divorce lawyer there to guide you. If you have children, and many gay and lesbian couples in New York do, their custody will become a part of the divorce proceedings as well.

How Can Nassau County Same Sex Divorce Lawyers Help You?

If are going through a divorce, a Nassau County same sex divorce lawyer will prove invaluable to you. They will provide you with the legal counsel that you need to get through this most difficult time. They will see to it that your rights are protected every step of the way.

nassau county Same-Sex Divorce Lawyers

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