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New York Abuse and Neglect Lawyer

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New York Abuse and Neglect Lawyer

Cases of child abuse and neglect can disintegrate a family’s bond. Allegations of these acts are common during divorce proceedings where a spouse wants to have a greater benefit in court. A parent and child’s relationship can be damaged. Moreover, this situation leaves the child emotionally devastated. Hiring a skilled New York abuse and neglect lawyer will help you to seek justice for your abused and neglected child.


The Elements of Child Abuse


Child abuse comprises of sexual abuse, emotional and psychological abuse, malnutrition, and physical abuse. Malnutrition is accompanied by dental care and medical reports to ascertain the child’s condition. Further, physical abuse involves excessive corporal punishment. Child abuse and neglect result in additional criminal complaints such harassment, assault, and endangering the child’s welfare. This scenario requires the intervention of both a NY Criminal Lawyer and an experienced family law attorney.


Child abuse and neglect accusations impact a child’s visitation rights. Many NY Family Law judges would be skeptical with a parent who has been accused of these allegations. Therefore, hiring a qualified NY Abuse and Neglect Lawyer will assist you in protecting your parental rights. Furthermore, the attorney will help you to reserve your parent-child relationship.


Special Scenarios


Child abuse and neglect allegations lead to the intervention of Administration of Children Service or Child Protective Services. You should contact the NY Abuse and Neglect Lawyer if the Child Protective Service visits you. Child Protective Service is a federal agency dedicated to investigating all allegations concerning child abuse and neglect. The agency also provides you with the relevant parental rights after the investigation process. Involving a qualified abuse and neglect lawyer will prevent you from giving opinions that might be misinterpreted.


Abuse and neglect attorneys can also help you if you or your kid is feeling threatened. Further, you can be charged with child neglect if you are undergoing domestic violence in the presence of your child. This instance calls for a NY Order of protection Lawyer to file an Order for Protection to ensure your child is safe.


Administration of Children Service (ACS) has authority to terminate an individual’s parental rights. Termination of parental rights renders you incapable of communicating or making any decision concerning your child. In most cases, the child might be taken by foster parents. The adoptive parents may choose to allow you to see your child. The termination occurs when the ACS files a petition in court indicating legal reasons that disqualify your rights as the child’s parents. Later, the judge orders a trial where the evidence is produced. The judge passes a ruling based on the evidence and testimonies to terminate your parental rights. You may hire an abuse and neglect lawyer to defend you in court to retain your parental rights.


In conclusion, child abuse and neglect cases easily disqualify the accused from receiving child custody and visitation rights. This is because it is an offense to abuse or neglect a child. Even so, New York Abuse and Neglect Lawyers are knowledgeable and will fight for your rights in court. They will also work with the other officials to ensure that you are not denied your rights by the Child Protective Service. Hiring an abuse and neglect attorney is the best option when you require legal assistance to salvage your child’s relationship during divorce proceedings.

New York Abuse and Neglect Lawyer

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