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New York Alimony Lawyer

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New York Alimony Lawyer

Going through a divorce can be amicable, or it can be messy. In either case, you need a highly-skilled attorney to help you through it. There are times when the divorce can be problematic and things come to a halt. If you are a divorcee and looking for representation, the Spodek Law Group can help. We will completely guide you through the process and help you with things like alimony.

Divorce laws vary from state to state. In New York, a person can file for an uncontested no-fault divorce. There are other types of divorce, your next steps are determined on the type of divorce you file. Irreconcilable differences is the only thing you need to file for a no-fault divorce. Once that is done, your attorney will help you file other partitions regarding custody and alimony.

A good New York alimony lawyer will advise a spouse to file for alimony; this can be for the short-term or long-term. Alimony payments are made to the spouse to support the lifestyle for which they’ve become accustomed. Some payments are made until the spouse is able to work and have an income of their own. There are also some times when the spouse makes an great deal of money and payments are made until the spouse remarries. In most cases, alimony is at the court’s discretion. Only an experienced attorney can see to it that you receive the alimony you deserve.

If the court decides on mediation, your attorney can assist in the negotiated amount. But even if your divorce doesn’t involve alimony, it’s a good idea to be there so you can stay abreast of all pertinent information. If you file for alimony you should fight to get the amount you believe is fair. In times where the divorce is messy, some spouses will attempt to keep you from getting the alimony you deserve. If you want to have your rights protected, call a New York alimony lawyer. Most are highly qualified and more than able to fight it out in court.

Just because a person requests alimony doesn’t mean they will get the amount they request. A number of factors will determine how much you will receive. You do have the right to live in the lifestyle you enjoyed during the marriage. Our law firm will completely guide you through the process and let you know how the process works. A competent lawyer from the Spodek Law Group can preserve your rights and ensure you receive the highest amount that the law allows.

If you are going through a divorce, the time to get an attorney is now. At the Spodek Law Group, we have a group of caring professionals who have decades of experience in marital law. We will fight for you and ensure you get the alimony you deserve. We can help with everything from start to finish. If you need a New York alimony lawyer, call the professionals at Spodek today. Consultations are free. Our number is 888-981-9185.

New York Alimony Lawyer

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