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New York Child Support Lawyer

New York law allows a parent to collect money from the other parent in order to provide care for the minor children that they have in common. This is called child support. The exact amount of money that each parent pays or receives depends on a number of factors. New York law uses a formula to determine the proper amount based on all of the relevant criteria.

When you’re working on establishing the right child support amount in your case, it’s important to gather evidence so that the court can see the true situation. For example, perhaps the largest element of determining a proper support award is your income and the other parent’s income. The court needs to know how much money each of you has available or should have available to pay support.

If the other side doesn’t want to be honest about their income, you can work with an attorney to build your case in order to show the court the truth. You may prove their income by getting copies of their bank account records. You may need to subpoena family members or new significant others. If someone’s paying them under the table, you may need to prepare evidence to the court that they’re underemployed and should be earning more given their skills and experience.

Child support also depends on the amount of time that each parent spends with the children. The support formula presumes that a parent who cares for the child contributes directly to their support. It’s important to present the court with an accurate picture of where the child spends their time so that the court can take this into account.

There may be other issues that your child support determination needs to take into account. The support award may need to address medical insurance for the children, child care expenses and even private school tuition. In the case of high-income parents, the court may need to determine the reasonable needs of the children.

Our team of New York child support lawyers takes the time to study New York’s child support laws. We don’t just have you tell the court your income and expect them to determine the appropriate amount. Instead, we perform the calculations. That allows us to check whether the court made a simple error in your calculation that could end up in your paying or receiving an inappropriate amount.

If there are unique circumstances in your case, we help you prepare the evidence to show the court the truth. The court expects to see evidence, so we prepare witnesses and documentation to back up your claims. We march into court prepared to present the case. If we need to do a tough examination of the other parent on the witness stand in order to help the court see the truth, we’re prepared to do it.

If you have a child support issue in a New York court, please contact us. We enjoy helping parents help their children by establishing accurate and appropriate child support awards. Whether you need to ask the court to raise the support order in your case or you need to show the court why the support award is too high, we’re eager to help. Contact us today for an evaluation of your case. We’ll help you understand the law and explore your options.

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