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New York Child Visitation Modification Lawyer

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New York Child Visitation Modification Lawyer

As children grow, they experience changes. Some of these changes are normal and expected. Other life changes are unexpected. Whether a change in a child’s life is minor or significant, New York law has a process to allow a parent to ask the court to modify the child’s custody or visitation schedule.

New York custody laws presume that kids benefit from stability. They don’t want to make unnecessary changes in the children’s lives. The courts make their orders based on what they see as being in the best interests of the children.

To ask for a major custody change such as moving the children from living primarily with one parent to the other parent, you have to show that the circumstances surrounding the children have changed in a substantial way. Minor changes won’t do. Instead, it’s got to be a change that the court thinks has a reasonable chance of impacting the children’s lives. Examples of a significant change might be an illness that means a parent can no longer care for a child long term. It might be a parent going to prison or developing a substance abuse addiction.

Minor changes to a child’s parenting time schedule don’t require as much proof. However, you still have to show that the change is in the best interests of the child. If your work schedule changes or the child wants to take on a new activity, you can present the evidence to the court and ask for a change.

When you hope to make a change to a child’s custody or visitation schedule, it’s important to carefully plan your court action. The court needs to have the right evidence in order to make the correct decision. Legal pleadings need to be precise and understandable.

Our team of New York child visitation modification lawyers works to empower our clients to understand the nuances of New York child custody law. We want to help you pursue your case in a way that’s calculated to reach the best possible outcome under the circumstances. If you have a great case, you need to know how to pursue it. If there are roadblocks in the way of reaching the result you’re looking for, you need to understand these limitations and what you might do in order to best pursue your case.

If you’d like to know your options to modify child custody or parenting time, we invite you to contact our team. Our New York child visitation modification lawyers can help you draft documents and prepare for court. We can approach witnesses to gather statements and evaluate potential testimony. When it’s time for court, we’re fully prepared.

We know that sometimes our best work happens outside of a courtroom. If there’s a chance of resolving the case outside of court, our team can handle the negotiations on your behalf. Even when it seems very hard to work with the other parent, we may be able to help you reach an agreement that’s acceptable to both of you.

Finally, great legal representation also requires writing and reading the proposed modification agreement carefully. The specific wording of a legal document can be very important later on. We make sure that there aren’t small details that may pose a problem in the future. If you’re interesting in a child visitation modification in your case, please contact us.

New York Child Visitation Modification Lawyer

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