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New York Contested Divorce Lawyer

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New York Contested Divorce Lawyer

When you are dealing with the prospect of contested divorce or legal separation, it can be the most stressful part of your life. You may be experiencing financial problems or issues related to child custody, support, and visitation. Moreover, you may be a victim of domestic violence that requires legal protection.

You’ll need a New York contested divorce attorney to take care of your problems, but the lawyer should take some time to understand your needs. A legal professional must be committed to satisfy your desires and needs and show a good track of record from their past work.

How a Contested Divorce Lawyer Works

When you and your spouse fail to agree, about the essential divorce terms, a contested lawyer is involved in helping solve your case. Therefore, trials and judges will be required in giving out their ruling based on divorce case testimonies and facts. Consequently, a contested divorce attorney will look for witnesses and file affidavits following compiled facts.

Having a New York divorce attorney that is dedicated and competent can yield positive results. When it comes to issues such as child custody, spousal support, visitation, grounds for divorce, and property distribution, a contested divorce legal representative can help in solving these issues.

Experienced Divorce Attorney in Equitable Property Distribution

Once a marriage gets dissolved, equitable sharing of property is required. With the help of an experienced New York lawyer, the wealth owned and acquired during the marital period can be settled on equal terms. The properties to be settled include the assets and debts termed as marital property. As such, clients who require assistance in settling the contested issue about acquired property should look for a contested divorce attorney.

Top-rated Contested Divorce Lawyer New York

Despite your efforts, marriage may no longer work. You may require making a difficult decision like divorce. If you have some unsolved issues due to disagreement with your spouse, looking for a contested divorce attorney to file your divorce application can be the best option. The case may be lengthy, expensive, and stressful, but is important to ensure that your rights are protected.

Many contested legal professionals provide legal services to the New York community. For example, Paul E. Rudder is a highly rated New York contested divorce lawyer who provides favorable results to his clients. Most divorcing spouses admire his zealous and aggressive legal representation. He helps people deal with family issues such as child custody, spousal maintenance, and fighting for their rights.

When to Hire a New York Contested Divorce Lawyer

If both divorcing parties cannot solve any issues on their own, hiring a contested divorce lawyer can help find better solutions. For instance, finding the services of a New York contested attorney is advisable if the disputing spouses have combined bank accounts and substantial assets. Once the lawyer presents the issue before the judges, an appropriate judgment is be provided.

Contested Divorce Process Conducted by a Lawyer

Once couples cannot settle divorce issues, a contested divorce lawyer files a divorce petition in a local court. Your spouse gets served with legal papers, and they are required to respond within the stated timeline. In case of any disagreement, both parties will appear in court together with contested divorce lawyer to help solve their needs.

Divorce processes are difficult and stressful, but with the help of contested divorce attorneys, couples can settle disputes in the most appropriate way. As such, people residing in New York and other parts of the world should hire contested divorce solicitors when they fail to agree on divorce settlement terms to attain a sound judgment and amicable solutions.

New York Contested Divorce Lawyer

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