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New York Foreign Adoption

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New York Foreign Adoption

If you are a family seeking to take an option to adopt a child from another country, you must understand that your options are not open to all countries in the world. Unfortunately, not all countries are open to the inter-country and international adoption sessions in the United States. The first thing you need to do towards making your adoption process safer and easier is to identify that the country is among the Hague Convention countries in the world. If you do this, your adoption rate will be easier. You can also contact the United States Department of State through their official website to know more information about countries that participate in the Hague Convention in the world.

If you have identified that the country you are about to adopt a child is under the Hague Convention, the next thing to do is to contact a Hague-accredited agency that has such adoption programs in the country to work for you. While most agencies will be working for the bigger Hague-accredited agencies in the same country, some of them are large enough to have the direct program independently. However, you must work with agencies that have some years of experience to have the process finalized in the country.

Adoption from the Non-Hague Countries
If you might have come across an orphan, you want to adopt from a non-Hague country. Our New York-based international adoption attorneys will not rest until they get a solution towards the information needed to assist you to get the child in the United States. They will always guide you through the necessary legal process to finalize the adoption process on your behalf. These are the adoption types referred to as parent-initiated adoptions that are not more common in the United States. If you have someone in that country who can work for you to secure your prospective child, our attorneys will never hesitate to give you the legal guidance towards making your dreams come true.

It is always important that you master the legal process to know who is eligible for adoption from the non-Hague countries. Our law firm will always work towards helping you know the steps you need to take to work by the United States Immigration laws as well as the foreign country’s laws. You must understand the process for better association in future. You also need the legal paperwork required to have the child brought home through the IR-4 and IR-3 visas.

International Adoption of a Family Relative
If you wish to adopt your brother, nephew, and niece from a foreign country, you must schedule a free consultation session with one of our experienced legal representatives based in New York before you proceed with the case. Before you commence the family member adoption, ensure that the adoption you are about to plan meets the legal requirements according to the United States laws. While the family member is eligible for adoption in the other country, they may not qualify under the United States laws. Your United States visa process will be jeopardized if the law is not met.

Obtaining the Legal Assistance and Information, you Need
Our New York adoption lawyers have represented a wide range of United States citizens during this endeavors. Because they have worked with many clients in many countries, they deem themselves capable of solving your problems.

New York Foreign Adoption

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