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New York Grandparent Custody Lawyer

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New York Grandparent Custody Lawyer

Grandparents play a special part in the lives of children. They are the temporary bringers of love, care, and memories. The word temporary is used here because the majority of grandparents will not be permanently housing a grandchild. The grandchild will just visit and enjoy the warmth and love of the grandparent’s home. Whenever it’s possible, grandparents, parents, and the courts prefer that children remain with their natural parents. Courts have always done their best to place children with parents whenever it’s safe for the child. Unfortunately, we live in a world where many children have parents who fail to live up to their duties as parents. Either by bad life choices or no fault of their own (illness requiring institutionalization), parents can lose their right to have custody of their children and in this case, grandparents may have what is called a standing to petition for custody.

Our law offices have helped loving, caring grandparents obtain custody of their grandchildren in cases like these. The courts recognize the most severe of circumstances that might lead a grandparent to petition for custody. The reasons center around parental behavior and the level of safety that the child could expect to have when living with the parents. Drug abuse, alcoholism, and mental unfitness, neglect, or abandonment by both parents are just a few of the reasons that a court might grant custody to grandparents.

If parents protest the petition for custody, grandparents hire law firms like ours to represent them and prove why parents should not retain custody of one or more children. This is one of the legal areas that we’re most passionate about and the reasons for that are obvious. Children need a level of protection that adults just can’t expect to have. They don’t need to live with people who are mentally unfit or addicted to drugs in a way that damages their growth, well-being, and chance of happiness in life. No child should have to live in an abusive and scary environment and unfortunately some parents provide this kind of atmosphere for their children. It’s sad and we wish it weren’t true and that all parents were capable of raising their children. That’s not the way the world works yet though.

We are thankful that there are grandparents in the world who love their grandchildren enough to take them into their home and raise them in a stable, happy environment that they wouldn’t be able to get from their parents. In recent decades, grandparents have taken a larger role in the lives of grandchildren and petition for custody more often than they normally would. This is a sad statement about our society today but the outcome for the children is positive and much better than growing up in an abusive household with neglectful parents. Grandparents provide the loving, nurturing environment that perhaps someday parents will. More often than not, grandparents don’t want permanent custody (although they can certainly seek it and sometimes need to), but they want their own children to become fit parents so that their grandchildren will have a loving home with parents.

If you are a grandparent who knows that there is abuse going on directed at your grandchildren and you want to take full custody of them, you CAN do this. Our legal services have successfully helped many grandparents gain custody of their grandchildren, paving the way for better futures for those beautiful children. As we all know, children are precious and deserve only the most loving and playful of homes. Grandparents are capable of providing that and stepping in to take responsibility whenever parents fail to do so.

Please call our offices today if you would like to petition for custody of your grandchildren. Our law firm offers a free consultation for you. If we take on your case, we won’t charge you during the duration of the case. It’s only when you win custody that we’re going to ask to be paid for our services. That’s how confident we are that we’re going to WIN your case for you and help you gain custody of your precious grandchildren. Don’t wait to call. The sooner you do something, the sooner your grandchildren can begin living better lives… with you.

New York Grandparent Custody Lawyer

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