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New York High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

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New York High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

In the state of New York, high-asset divorce lawyers are very busy. Unfortunately, there are a number of divorce cases involving very rich people. And most of them are determined to protect their assets. In 2010, the state of New York implemented the no-fault divorce, which has made it easier to initiate a divorce While this system may be easier, it places a considerable amount of pressure on the spouse who is the primary bread winner. In this case, the spouse with the higher income should find the best attorney possible to protect their assets.

The biggest complaint about the no-fault divorce is that it makes jackpot winners of non-productive spouses. Under the New York’s new no-fault divorce system, all a person needs to do is claim irreconcilable differences. Once this has been established, the flood gates open, and the spouse with little or no assets is able to get half. While mostly women were taking advantage of this type of divorce, more and more no-fault divorce cases are being filed by men.

Regardless of gender, this type of divorce puts a spouse at an extreme disadvantage. It is imperative that you find the best divorce attorney to provide you with representation. A New York high-asset divorce lawyer may be able to help. They will go to bat for you and defend you vigorously against the whims of a spouse who is hell-bent on unfairly taking what you earned.

There are some cases when non-income producing spouses walk away with a third of the marital assets. Although it happens often, most view this as unfair. A good example is a couple with an estimated net worth of $10 million. The spouse who produced the entire amount of money stands to lose $3 million just because the non-income producing spouse initiated the divorce. Even worse, if the spouse lacks the education or foundation to make money for themselves, the court is more likely to make the award.

This is one of the main reasons why a non-productive spouse can initiate a divorce. The no-fault divorce incentivizes the them for the most frivolous of reasons. Sadly, most realize they stand to make more money through a divorce than they can make over an entire lifetime. As petty as it may seem, it happens far more often that people know.

If you have accumulated a great deal of wealth and are in the midst of a divorce, you should do everything in your power to protect your assets. This means hiring a New York high-asset divorce lawyer. These attorneys have a great deal of experience in dealing with situations where greedy spouses want to take the other to the cleaners. Now is the time to launch a strong legal defense. A high-asset divorce attorney will see to it that whatever money the non-income producing spouse receives will be the lowest possible. You earned your money, and you deserve to keep the majority.

Call a high-asset attorney today, so you can keep what is rightfully yours.

New York High-Asset Divorce Lawyer

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