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New York Joint Custody Lawyer

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New York Joint Custody Lawyer

Joint custody cases involve divorced or separated parents seeking to share parental time and duties with their children. The cases also include making critical parental rights in regards to a child’s upbringing. The ultimate goal of any custody hearing is to ensure that the child’s best interests are protected by determining the best custody arrangement.

It’s obvious, there’s a lot at stake when it comes to your kids and sometimes even hard to tell what is best. To help you make a wise decision, you should consider getting in touch with a New York joint custody lawyer. However, before you decide to hire a lawyer, you should know a few things.

How Does Joint Custody Work?

When parents cannot agree how they will split the time they spend with their children, a court will. In most cases, the court will be in favor of a joint legal custody arrangement that allows both parents to be involved in a child’s life. Even in cases where a parent has sole physical custody, they may still be awarded joint custody. Some of the things the court will take into consideration when considering custody include:

• Distance of parents from one another
• Potential disruption to the child’s life
• School schedules
• A child who prefers one parent to another
• The maturity and age of the child
• And the availability of a parent

What is the Joint Custody Agreement?

The agreement sets out responsibilities and time each parent has with a child. Parents enter into this agreement voluntarily and submit it to the court. When approved, the agreement becomes a formal court order that can be legally enforced.

A joint custody agreement is, in most cases, meticulous since parents are likely going to spend unequal times with a child. In shared custody, parents have alternating weeks, but joint custody tends to involve specific periods and days. Due to this, concerns like visitation and child support may arise.

How to Get a Joint Custody Agreement

To create and maintain a civil joint custody agreement, always remember:

• You have to specifically request for a joint custody agreement through your New York joint custody lawyer
• Try to cooperate with the other parent and keep your child’s best interest in mind
• Family law mediation may help lower costs and save time
• In case of lost or new jobs, remarriage, or moving, you can always have the agreement modified

What Happens when Both Parents Agree on Joint Legal Custody?

In case you and your estranged partner agree upon joint legal custody, most probably after family mediation, you can submit your agreement to a judge who will finalize the decision using a court order. In most cases, the judge will put into action whatever joint custody agreement you have agreed on, but a judge still has the power to ask for a different arrangement if they think it’s best.

Do You Need Help?

Child custody legal cases can be traumatic, emotional and stressful for everyone involved. As such, a New York joint custody lawyer can step in and help you understand your rights, develop an action plan, and help you get a custody arrangement that is most suitable for your child and you.

New York Joint Custody Lawyer

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