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New York Paternity Lawyer

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New York Paternity Lawyer

The Spodek Law Group is ready to assist with any and all family law needs that you may have. If you are in need of a New York attorney to represent you or a loved one in a paternity lawsuit, then the experienced legal team at the Spodek Law Group should be your very first point of contact.

We have years of experience in handling all types of family law disputes, including paternity lawsuits. Whether you are seeking to file a paternity lawsuit to have the father of a child legally identified or disputing the results of a paternity test, you have come to the right place. We know that this is a difficult time for you and your family and are deeply invested in helping you achieve the best outcome.

When it comes to legal proceedings surrounding the paternity and custody of a child connected to you, this is not the time to take a chance on hiring just any New York attorney to represent your interests. You should be surrounded by a caring legal team that is ready to take whatever steps are necessary to defend your interests and seek the best result for your family. The Spodek Law Group is proud of the type of representation that we offer our family law clients. We go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that you are informed about every step in the paternity lawsuit process and understand all of the strategic decisions we are making.

Before you hire just any lawyer to speak on your behalf in a paternity lawsuit matter, it is important to do your homework and make sure that the firm has sufficient resources and clout to achieve the result you are seeking. Our positive track record and the glowing reviews from happy clients speak volumes about our ability to serve each client with the respect and attention that he or she deserves. Find out why so many of our clients at the Spodek Law Group speak so highly of our family law services and commitment to fighting for our clients’ rights.

The seasoned lawyers at the Spodek Law Group have been fighting for their rights of our family law clients for years and are familiar with the ins and outs of the family law system in New York. It can be a confusing process to figure out how the legal identity of a child’s father is determined in New York. The mounds of paperwork and legal hoops to jump through are not something that you should attempt to do on your own or without an experienced family law lawyer by your side. When emotions are running high along with the serious stakes of a family law matter, you need to seek out the most reasoned and proven counsel possible.

If you have a paternity matter that you would like to discuss with the helpful team at the Spodek Law Group, call 888-608-3420 right away to make an appointment. We will be happy to speak with you about your legal needs and get you started on the right path to resolving your issue. The sooner you call us, the sooner you can rest assured that you will be in competent and trustworthy hands to deal with some of life’s most difficult curve balls.

New York Paternity Lawyer

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