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New York Relocation Lawyer

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New York Relocation Lawyer

Relocation Law
Relocation is defined as a change in the place of residence of a child and the custodial parent. It affects the ability of a non-relocating party to exercise custodial rights. This brings us to the issue of child custody act that requires the custodial parent who wishes to relocate to provide formal notice to the other parent who is non-custodial in order for them to exercise their custodial rights.

Legal issues
This brings legal issues in the sense that a selfish parent might want to deny the other parent access to their only child. The relocating parent has to return the child to the other parent. Sanctions are imposed on him or her if a notice was not provided and the court later proves that there was a relocation. It is essential for relocating parents to file notices out of caution and still argue at trial courts that the move is not a relocation.

The court often looks at the following in order to determine whether a move by a primary custodian parent amounts to a relocation or not;
1. The effect of the move on the non-moving parents’ ability to co-parent
2. Causes of the move that includes better pay elsewhere.
3. Whether the move affects the child care arrangements that had been put in place earlier
4. If the relocation will improve the child’s life and by how much
5. The nature of the relationship between the child and both parents

Disputes to do with relocation arise if the non-custodial parent objects to the intended move considering how it will affect the custody arrangements of the child. Courts usually look at the interests of the child when they determine such cases. Is the child’s custody relocation the best interest of the child or contrary?

Effects of child relocation
• A child might miss the parental love that comes with either parent since he or she has nothing to do with the divorce.
• A change in environment might take a toll on the child’s’ health and academics.
• A child might develop a negative attitude towards the non-custodial parent since he or she is often absent.

New York Relocation Lawyer
The decisions are legally binding after courts have determined child custody cases. Parameters can be changed in the future. Post-judgment proceedings are often lengthy and complicated. They require the help of a New York City Relocation Lawyer.

Spodek Law Group intends to solve your relocation issues. Spodek has numerous experienced lawyers who are always ready to handle your case. This depends on the complexity of the relocation case. Spodek Law Group handles the following cases;
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New York Relocation Lawyer

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