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New York Spousal Support Lawyer

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New York Spousal Support Lawyer

When a couple decides to get married, they never ponder the possibility the marriage may result in divorce. However, when that happens, there are many factors that both spouses must face. One of the most important involves spousal support, which can play an important role in helping one spouse maintain their current standard of living. But unlike child support payments which have certain guidelines that must be followed, spousal support has much room for discretion. Because of this, it’s vital for those going through the complexities of a divorce to have the services of a New York spousal support lawyer who has years of experience handling these cases.

Why Is Spousal Support Necessary?
When a divorce occurs, courts try to make every effort to ensure that both spouses will be able to maintain their usual standard of living once they part and go their separate ways. To accomplish this, courts will usually have the spouse who earns the highest income pay the lower-income spouse a certain amount of money per month. In doing so, it gives this spouse time to become self-sufficient by obtaining not only adequate housing, but also any training or employment that will be needed. In some situations, courts may choose not to award spousal support, if it is determined that both spouses are already able to support themselves in a manner consistent with their current lifestyle.

The Role Children Play
In many divorce proceedings, the spouses are not the only people to take into consideration. If the couple has children, the court must factor them into the equation that will determine the amount of spousal support to be paid. To reach a decision, the court will look at such factors as how much child support has been granted per month, how many children are living in the home, their ages, and other important factors. This also plays a key role when it comes to determining how much spousal support will be needed for the spouse who has custody to become self-sufficient, since the children’s standard of living will be impacted as well.

Spouse’s Earning Potential
If the court determines that future earning potential of a spouse will be much higher than their current income, the amount of spousal support ordered to be paid may be quite high. For example, if a spouse is preparing to graduate from medical or law school and anticipates earning a high income, the court may order spousal support payments based on their future earnings. In some cases, this is a hotly contested issue, so it’s crucial to hire the services of a New York spousal support lawyer with knowledge and experience in these matters.

Concealing of Assets
To keep from paying higher amounts of spousal support, some people will attempt to hide their assets by giving them to family members or transferring them out of the country. Since failing to disclose all assets is illegal, having the services of a New York spousal support lawyer and their investigators can help your case have much better results.

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New York Spousal Support Lawyer

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