Plainview Divorce Lawyers

Posted By Adam Denton, Uncategorized On June 24, 2018

Marriage is heralded as the most sacred institutions since the dawn of time and finding the right partner is a topmost priority for many people. The American Psychology Association surmises that while 90% of people marry by the age of fifty, nearly 50% of those marriages don’t last. With such high divorce rates, it is no wonder that divorce attorneys are highly sought after to sort out asset divisions, child custody, spousal support, and such. Here are top seven reasons for enlisting the services of a divorce attorney.


Expert Opinion


More often than not, divorce cases are characterized by turmoil, anger outbursts, revenge, and all manner of ills that separating partners haul at each other. In cases where one partner was the breadwinner, they are likely to wield their power and have things go their away during divorce proceedings. This is where a divorce lawyer comes in. A seasoned lawyer brings a wealth of experience to help you navigate the intricacies of divorce and reach the possible outcome.


Legal Agreements


Going through a divorce is immensely challenging, and emotions tend to run high. You are likely to be so embroiled in anger and frustration that you want it all to go away. Since word-of-mouth decrees are not legally binding and can be overturned when either partner wishes, it is imperative to have everything done by the book. A divorce attorney will draft the necessary legal paperwork and inspect documents presented by the other side to ensure that all is in order.


Child Custody


Dissolving a marriage where children are involved raises the stakes even higher. It is possible that either spouse deems themselves a better fit to raise children and therefore wants full custody. Sometimes, divorcing couples use children to hurt the other especially if infidelity was involved. While harboring such feelings is perfectly understandable, your children may end up emotionally scarred. A divorce attorney will protect your parental rights and help you reach a harmonious custody agreement quickly enough. This will save your children from witnessing animosity between their parents, and everyone can start readjusting to the new normal.


Retirement Plans


For couples who have been married for quite some time, it is highly likely that your retirement kitty is the most valuable asset you own aside from your home. Therefore, it is fundamental that you speak to a divorce attorney about this to determine what each spouse is entitled to upon divorce. Splitting your pension and 401(k) accounts requires your lawyer to procure a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) from the court.


Easier Settling


Most couples that are ironing out divorce proceedings are not exactly cordial with one another, and things tend to get nasty and dragged out for months or even years. You need a sound liaison between you and your estranged spouse to help you streamline things and wrap up the divorce sooner than later. Important to note that divorce is an expensive affair and any time wasted in disagreements translates to cumulative costs. Hire a divorce attorney to mediate and determine what is fair and speed up the process in divorce court.


Reduced Stress


Divorce lawyers have seen the worst case scenarios and are therefore not likely to be fazed by whatever spouses unleash. You, on the other hand, are an emotional wreck and this may hamper your decision-making process. Borrowing from a breadth of knowledge, an attorney will present all the possible outcomes and help you decide on the most optimal solution for you and what’s more, help you avoid costly mistakes.


Collaborative Divorce


This refers to a divorce where you enlist a slew of professionals to help you navigate the murky waters of divorce and emerge unscathed. Besides hiring an attorney, people hire therapists, divorce couches, and even PR to guide them through the process. Collaborative divorce is recommended in high profile cases that involve public figures or high net-worth individuals where the division of assets and custody are highly contested.


The eagerness to close the chapter of your divorce is understandable, but it can also launch a tirade of mishaps that may have irrevocable consequences. Hire a divorce attorney to guide you through this process and shield you from legal hurdles that accompany divorce proceedings.