Spodek Scholarship – $2500

Spodek Law Group Scholarship – $2500

The Spodek Law Group scholarship has been setup, since 2015 – to award young, and remarkable students – the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Our scholarship, which comes from the proceeds of our firm – has no application fee, and is awarded based on merit. It is awarded each year, on September 1st (9/1).


What are the application requirements?

GPA: Any potential applicant must have a minimum of a 3.3 GPA. We request applicants send in an unofficial transcript, when applying, in order to prove this.

Student: This scholarship opportunity is open to any student. Regardless of whether you are in under-grad or graduate school – you can apply.

Deadline to apply: 8/25

Essay: We request you write an essay, no less than 500 words – about how this scholarship will help you, and how you intend to use it.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is there an application fee?

A) There is absolutely no application fee.


Q) When should I apply by?

A) The last day we’ll accept application is 8/25. Applications will be reviewed after this, and then a winner will be chosen by no later than 9/1.


Q)How do I apply?

A)Email your information to DAVID@Divorceattorneynyc.com —— David Schoenfeld, a member of our firm, is responsible for the scholarship, and will be corresponding with all applicants