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Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer

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Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer

According to statistics, over 40% of marriages in America end up in divorce. Further statistics indicate that marriages have a 50% chance of lasting.

Choosing the right divorce lawyer is critical to a successful and pain-free divorce process. Ugly divorces can wreak havoc on the emotions of the involved parties and make negotiations harder. These make the divorce process longer and in turn more expensive.

Here at Spodek Law Group we know exactly what you need.

Read on below for some of our tips on choosing the right divorce lawyer.

1. Be Practical

Divorce is a personal process between two people who love or loved one another and are no longer interested in staying married. However, as soon as one of you files for divorce, it becomes a public process where your dirty laundry, earnings and assets are exposed. This can bring up a lot of emotions and is one of the reasons divorce turns ugly.

It is critical that you maintain a realistic perspective on things. Lawyers are your friends and will be there to hold your hand throughout the divorce process. What’s more important, however, is ensuring that assets are equally divided, visitation rights are properly given and so on. In the event that the case goes to court, our job is to win the best desired outcome for you.

Being realistic makes the divorce process move along quickly and smoothly.

2. Identify your Desired Outcome from the Divorce

Assessing your preferred outcome will help give your lawyer a perspective on what you expect from the divorce in terms of settlement. Once negotiations begin, things can get heated and overwhelming. Having a set of goals to look back on will help keep things in line.
This also ensures that the divorce affects other areas of your life as minimally as possible.

In addition, if you have children, then this also helps put things in perspective for them and will make the process a more bearable one.

3. Come Up with a List of Prospective Law Firms

We would love for Spodek Law Group to be your first and only choice when it comes to representation in a divorce. However, we also want to prove that we have some of the best divorce lawyers in Suffolk County. As such, we encourage you to come up with a list of other prospective law firms.

Having a list helps you narrow down from the plethora of divorce attorneys you could go with. You can then narrow down the search by looking at factors such as location and consultation fees. At Spodek, we offer a free first time consultation. You can request this on our website. You may also choose to conduct interviews of your potential lawyer.

4. Look for a Balance between Affordable and Experienced

It is always wise to consider your budget before you choose a divorce attorney. However going too low can affect your chances of having a smooth divorce process.

A good route to go is to come up with a flexible budget and choose experienced lawyers who have handled plenty of cases before you.

5. Children’s Needs Come First

Divorces with children are more delicate and complicated.
A good lawyer understands that the needs of the children have to come first before anything else.

Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer

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