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Suffolk County Father’s Rights Lawyer

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Suffolk County Father’s Rights Lawyer

It is a common misconception that parental rights are granted without a contest. However, in as much as they are defined as rights, in most cases, you need to fight for your rights, especially as a father. The main reason why you should seek legal expertise is that the odds are not in your favor. In 2010, a report by the U.S Census Bureau showed that out of the 13.7 million parents who are granted custody, only one in six of these parents are fathers. This represents about 17.8 percent. This further emphasizes the need to have a legal expert representing you. The following situations can be handled better with the help of a father’s right lawyer.


Paternity is a process that seeks to identify the legal father. Paternity issues are mainly contested when it comes to establishing child support. However, there are other instances when paternity may need to be established such as adoption, visitation, inheritance and health care. In most cases, the state uses the “preponderance of evidence’ to establish the legal father. There are however situations when the courts may apply a higher standard. Fathers who wish to determine or challenge paternity can benefit from the expertise of a father’s right lawyer. The lawyer will not only help you in presenting the required evidence but also in filling out the necessary paperwork.


Principally, the birth parents have the primary right to issue consent to adoption. To act on this right, a father needs to establish paternity. It is also possible for this right to be terminated in the case of mental incompetence, failure to provide adequate support for the child abandonment, abuse, and neglect. A lawyer can help you fight for your rights in these situations. In addition to this, adoption proceedings are governed by state laws. There are instances when the courts may consider the child’s consent before agreeing to an adoption. A lawyer in Suffolk County is well versed with the system and exactly what is required whether you want to challenge paternity or establish it. The adoption process can also go much smoother and faster if you have a lawyer guiding you through the process.

Custody, child support, and visitation

Child support, custody, and visitation rights are some of the most contested issues after a divorce. Again, the statistics do not favor the fathers. Many fathers are paying for child support while they barely get to see their children. If you are presenting a visitation, custody and child support case, you need to have an experienced attorney. There are already set guidelines when it comes to these issues. However, there are times when a judge can deviate from these guidelines. To do this, you need to present a strong case. There are also instances when you may have recovered from drug addiction or served your criminal sentence, and you wish to be granted visitation rights. In such situations, you need to prove to the court that you are a changed man, you regret your actions, and you deserve a second chance with your family.

When so much is at stake, you need to work with a father’s rights lawyer. These legal experts understand the law, and they have been doing this long enough to know the best strategy to apply in your situation.

Suffolk County Father’s Rights Lawyer

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