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Suffolk County Same Sex Lawyers

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Suffolk County Same Sex Lawyers

Spending your life together is the dream of every married couple, straight and gay or lesbian. It does not matter. Love is love. However, there are times when that love is no longer there and simply cannot be rekindled. When that happens, divorce is often the likely outcome. With New York long since embrace same sex marriage, same sex divorce has become a legal issue worth talking about. When two members of the same sex join together in marriage, their assets often become intermingled as well. Because of this, divorce is a serious issue that you will want to consider carefully before finalizing. Keep reading to learn why you need Suffolk County same divorce lawyers handling this matter for you.

The Particulars of Same Sex Divorce in New York

There are not many differences between a same sex divorce and that of a traditional divorce taking place between husband and wife. This is because New York law now treats both types of marriages the same. The same rules that apply to a traditional marriage will be applicable during a same sex divorce as well. This means that a same sex couple will need to carefully weigh their options when filing for a divorce. In many cases, a divorce settlement happens rather quickly because both parties agree on the terms. There are other cases that are much more complicated. For these, a same sex divorce lawyer in Suffolk County can help navigate the legal landscape and help you get out of the marriage that which you are legally entitled to.

A divorce petition in New York can be filed at any time by either spouse. The other party will then be served with a notice of the filing and the proposed terms of the separation. If you have already talked about the divorce and agree on how the separation will take place, this is a pretty straight forward process. However, there are occasions where on spouse is caught off guard by the other and did not even see the divorce coming. If that is you, it is important to take a step back before agreeing to the terms. You want to make sure that you have what you need to begin living independently again, and that is where your Suffolk County same sex lawyer will be able to help you.

Legal Implications to Consider

Any divorce has legal implications that need to be taken into account, and a same sex partnership is no exception. There will be marital assets that need to be divided in accordance with New York law, possible child custody issues, property considerations, and even spousal support if applicable. In short, the very same implications that apply to a traditional divorce taking place between a man and a woman will be at play here. Matters can become more complicated if one partner entered the marriage substantially better off financially than the other. Absent a prenuptial agreement, a divorce proceeding will be looking at these assets as well. It is important that both of you receive what is due out of the marriage, and that is what a divorce proceeding is designed to do.

How Can Suffolk County Same Sex Divorce Lawyers Help You?

Suffolk County same sex divorce lawyers are on your side. They will work within the confines of existing New York law to make sure that your rights are protected. This will undoubtedly be an emotional time for you, and your same sex divorce lawyer will be there to help you make rational decisions that are ultimately in your best interest.

Suffolk County Same Sex Lawyers

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