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How do you survive financially if a spouse drags out the divorce?

Ideally, you get married and stay that way for the rest of your life. All marriages have their ups and downs, and there might be times you decide you could happily end your marriage and move on, but you can always fight for it if your problems aren’t too big. Sometimes you have to put your personal feelings aside in the moment and realize you do love your spouse despite not currently liking him or her very much. In other situations, divorce is the only option. When a spouse has an addiction that’s tearing the family apart, sometimes it’s the best option to leave. When a spouse cheats, steals, lies, or abuses you or your kids, it’s time to get out.

It’s a personal decision, but it’s one some people are forced to make despite not wanting to make such a drastic decision. When you make the decision to divorce, your spouse might not want to go through with the divorce. If this is the case, you might find your spouse makes things very difficult on you during the process. He or she might be so upset with you that they can’t handle the situation, and they might decide to drag things out either hoping you’ll rethink the divorce or just to upset you further. If your spouse drags out the divorce, you might wonder how you’ll survive financially.

Try Mediation

If one spouse is dragging things out in a way that doesn’t allow you financial stability, you’ll want to try mediation. This is a good way to have your assets and debts laid out for you to view with someone impartial in the room with you. This person can help you both determine what you want to keep, what you want to sell, and who gets what.

If finances are an issue for one or both parties, it’s helpful to see if you can split a few of the assets involved in the marriage and sell them. This way you can both split the cash and stay afloat during the process. The only problem with this situation is you might not find your spouse is agreeable to this situation. If he or she is already dragging out the divorce, he or she might not want to use mediation as a way to help you stay financially above water.

Go Back to Work

It’s an option many people don’t want to consider, but it’s something you might need to do until your divorce is finalized and you’re receiving alimony to help you pay the bills. It’s not what many people want, but it’s the only way in many instances to help you stay financially stable while your divorce is being finalized.

Seek Financial Help

If your spouse is dragging out your divorce, you must find a way to help pay for things you both still own. If you’re living in the home you shared and own together, you can ask the court to require your spouse to continue paying half the bills while the divorce is ongoing. If you have kids, your spouse is obligated to help you pay for their needs and their well-being.

If you’re struggling during the divorce process, ask the judge for help if need be. An attorney can help you find a way to speed up the process and work on getting things in order. You have a chance to make this process go a little faster, especially if your spouse is looking for arbitrary reasons to extend the divorce for no real reason. A Queens county divorce attorney can help if you let him or her do their job for you.

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