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How do you survive financially if a spouse drags out the divorce?

The financial aspect of a divorce is typically one of the most difficult situations throughout the process. Finances are a fickle subject. Money is one of the biggest reasons people decide to end marriages. Financial struggles are real no matter how much or how little you have, and the different ways in which people view their finances often makes it difficult for them to stay married. On the other hand, it’s sometimes the reason people forgo filing for divorce. It’s not cheap, and it’s not something many couples are sure they can handle.

A mom or dad who stays home with the kids and makes no money outside the home might find it very difficult to go through with a divorce thanks to financial fears. It’s not always easy to deal with the financial aspect of a divorce, and it’s made even more difficult when one spouse continues to drag out the divorce. He won’t sign the papers. He won’t agree to anything. He continuously contests all of it, and it’s not easy to deal with that kind of situation. When this happens, how do you survive?

File for Financial Support

The cost of a divorce is not always affordable, and the problem is that sometimes you can drag things out so long and so hard you struggle financially. The good news for you is that you can get some financial support from your spouse even if he is making the entire process more difficult than it must be. He or she can drag things out as long as they’d like, but you can file for financial support.

Your state has a financial affidavit available able the local courthouse. Go to the Clerk of Court’s office, get the paper, and fill it out. The moment it’s submitted, you must only wait for the court to review your need for financial support, your reasons, and the proof you provide the court. A judge will go over the paperwork and call for a hearing.

At the hearing it will be determined whether you get the financial support you need. You can claim the spouse you’re divorcing has more money and is not helping you with the financial aspect of the things you still own together, and the court will require he helps you pay for those expenses. It’s not always quick or easy, but it’s possible. If you have kids, the court will require he is there to pay for at least a portion of the expenses it takes to raise kids. He’s required to help.

The only time this might not work is if your spouse doesn’t work. If your spouse is not working and you cannot handle the expenses on your own, there is a chance the judge in your case might allow you to start selling assets to help cover the cost of your bills. It’s all dependent on the personal information you provide as well as a case-by-case situation.

Call an Attorney

If you want to find financial help when your spouse is dragging things out and making them more complicated than they must be, call an attorney. Your attorney is experienced in situations like this, and he or she knows how to find you the financial support you need as well as file the paperwork. An attorney can make the entire situation much easier.

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