Valley Stream Divorce Lawyers

Posted By Adam Denton, Uncategorized On June 24, 2018

When people divorce, there’s often a sense of sadness. Each person involved may leave the marriage reluctantly. This is particularly true when the parties have children. People choose to have a child with someone because they love them. The child serves a living symbol of their love and the caring they feel for each other. When the marriage breaks down, children often sense that something is wrong. They often feel that mommy and daddy are no longer happy long before the parents are aware of such feelings themselves. This is why it is important to minimize the stresses on children in the event of a divorce. Children need to be carefully protected and nourished. They need to feel that even if mommy and daddy are no longer together, this does not mean that they are not loved. Helping children through a divorce is hard but it is also hugely important. A divorce should not scar a child for life. This is one of many reasons why it is useful to have a divorce lawyer.

Protecting Children

Deciding what to do with the children of a marriage can take many months of careful negotiation. Both parents may want custody of their kids. One parent may want to move to another part of Long Island while another parent may want to move to different state completely. Many parents prefer to keep the children in a location that is familiar and comforting to them. They want to avoid taking their kids out of school needlessly. They also want to avoid forcing their children to leave behind friendships that are important to them. Parents who can work out arrangements that let their children remain where they like best are parents who are likely to see their children flourish and do well in school as well as socially. A good lawyer can help with this process. They can provide the kind of information that both parties involved in the divorce need to have in order to have make important decisions about what is best for their kids even when the two parents are no longer part of a marriage.

Making Arrangements

Various kinds of divorce laws apply to children. For example, a child, like a parent has financial interests. The child is entitled to a certain standard of living. They are also entitled to child support from another parent if that parent is not the parent holding primary custody. A lawyer can help determine what kind of fiscal settlement works best for all concerned. For example, one parent may have far more assets than another parent. That parent may also have a professional degree. In that case, the lawyer can help work out a settlement for the children that lets the parent with better finances provide more for children. One parent may also have a more flexible work schedule than another. In that case, that parent can work with Valley Stream divorce lawyers to assume the role of caregiver legally during the summer. Each parent has something to contribute to the well being of their children. A good lawyer can help both of the parents in question to figure out what that is and how best to harness such assets for the sake of their beloved children.

Making it Work

As the divorce continues, children can feel scared and confused. They may wonder what will happen to them when the divorce is finished. The divorce lawyers can provide the parents with the resources they need to explain to their children how the ultimate outcome will unfold. This also means that the parent can explain to their children what rights they personally have under law. Older teens can be reassured to learn that a parent has a legal obligation to personally support them financially. Knowing that a parent went to bat for them on their behalf can be one way to help children cope with the divorce more easily and with less stress. Children who understand what is going to happen to them and to their parents can feel a sense of control even as the divorce is finalized. Parents can rest easier knowing their children are being given the tools they really and truly need.